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2X Entries and 10% Off with code TRIPLE2020 on https://www.yammienoobmerch.com! Rent an amazing motorcycle in your area! https://www.twistedroad.com/ref/ya.. That depends on your weight and how hard you push it. The MT09 is a great bike but the front end is very soft, if you are 50 to 70kgs it's going to be great but much more and it gets annoying after a while. The MT07HO is a better balanced bike in stock form but then it is sort of MT09 version 1.5 so they had time to sort it The MT-07 HO is 689cc and 75hp and the LA is 655cc and 52hp, peaking 1000rpm less than the HO at 8000rpm. Torque is at 42ft-lbs@4000rpm for the LA and a meaty 50ft-lbs@6500rpm for the insanely hoonable HO. Both bikes are mad fun, in their own different way

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Why on earth is the Aprilia RS 660 so expensive here? You look at something like the new MT09, all the same tech, a bigger surely more expensive 900cc triple cylinder engine, for nearly $5000 less, still maintains an aluminium frame etc, duke 890, about $18000, same tech, similar twin cylinder engine but larger capacity, yet cheaper, I feel. Yamaha MT09 (FZ09), The Scud missile. Club Lead not Club Med. He with the most toys wins. Out of my depth in a puddle. Live life on the edge you will see more that way. Ridding a motorcycle keeps things in balance. At the end of each trail and at the end of each day history is made Value vs rivals 5 out of 5. While bike under warranty bike was serviced by dealer, over first 2 year £300 not including tyres, after warranty this can be reduced to £40 for oil change and filter. Value vs rivals Next up: Equipment. The Z650 sports a premium look that wouldn't seem out of place on a larger capacity machine, far outstretching its sub-seven-grand price tag The 2021 MT-07 features an updated 689cc liquid-cooled in-line 2-cylinder CP2 engine. The 270° crankshaft is based on Yamaha's Crossplane Concept, and the bore × stroke of 80.0 mm × 68.6 mm and 11.5:1 compression ratio produce maximum torque at 6,500 RPM. The intake air duct design, exhaust system specs - now integrated 2-into-1 exhaust.

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