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  1. To avoid potential long wait times, it is recommended that eligible personnel fill out a Fort Campbell Form 190-5 (Right Click and Save Link As to save download and save file) and email it to usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil. A DES representative will contact the applicant within 24 to 48 hours with additional.
  2. usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil; Non-Affiliated Civilians with a valid weapon's registration and have no weapon updates, please fill out FC Form 190-5 to complete your background check, and send it to the following address: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil
  3. email message . when possible.' OPTIONAL: If you would like to receive email notifications from start to complete you may select the next two blocks. 6. Enter the following Army email address: usarmy.gordon.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil. To the right is an example of the email you will receive. You must verify your email.
  4. Complete the following application form that applies to you and email it to the Visitor Control Center at usarmy.belvoir.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-visitor-control-center@mail.mil. Please note, when completing an Unsponsored/Sponsored Form, the applicant's name MUST match what's on their driver's license/state identification card
  5. Weapons' registration is required for all firearms on Fort Campbell and will be processed via email. Please fill out FC Form 2635, and send it to the following email address: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil; Full name as it appears on iSportsman Account; Proof of a state issued hunter education certificate

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  1. email. Please fill out FC Form 2635, and send it to the following email address: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil If you have not yet been validated beginning 1 March 2020 please send an email to belinda.m.chabot.ctr@mail.mil or jonathan.t.mills2.civ@mail.mil with subject line: Fort Campbell Validation Request.
  2. Email the completed form to usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil. If you have any questions, contact the Fort Campbell Visitor Control Center at (270)798-5047/5049. (PREVIOUS EDITION IS OBSOLETE
  3. a. Manual - Complete form and hand carry to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) located at Gate 4, 7 days a week during the hours of 1000-1800. b. Automated - digitally sign and e-mail completed form to: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil. Once completed, owner will receive registration via return e-mail
  4. Announcement Body. 7/11/21, 5:10 AM. There are currently no Weather Warnings or Watches for Fort Campbell, KY. 7/1/21, 1:41 PM. Beginning July 2, Baldonado pool will offer extended hours and additional capacity! Pool hours are expanding to 7 p.m. and swim capacity is increasing to 323. New Open Swim Hours : Mon - Sun, 12 - 7 p.m. 6/30/21, 4.
  5. See User Agreement for details. Section 508 Compliance Statement The U.S. Department of Defense is committed to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), as amended in 1999. Send feedback or concerns related to the.
  6. 103rd ESC, Des Moines, IA : Site POC 515-362-3692 usarmy.usarc.103-esc.mbx.g8-support@mail.mil: 206th RSG 217-529-8570 x222 644th RSG 612-713-7710/8819 645th RS
  7. 7. E-MAIL ADDRESS: SERIAL # OWNER/SPONSOR: 4. MAKE CALIBER FINISH MODEL TYPE WEAPON I certify by signing this form that I am knowledgeable on Federal and State laws, AR 190-11, Fort Campbell Regulation 190-1 and Fort Campbell Circular 215-15-1 concerning the possession, use, and transportation of privately owned firearms. 13

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  1. A: Organizations who are sponsoring large events on post may submit a memorandum through the DES Security and Access Control Division to the garrison commander requesting a Special Event waiver. Contact the Security and Access Control Division at 719-526-2325 or by email at usarmy.carson.imcom.mbx.fcdw@mail.mil for further guidance
  2. Email completed registration form to: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-access-control@mail.mil. For a fast turnaround, email it at night. Once completed, you will receive a permit via return e-mail from the Provost Marshall's office. Make sure that you have that form with you any time you come on the installation with that firearm
  3. The U.S. Army Command Structure, which includes all Army Commands (ACOM), Army Service Component Commands (ASCC) and Direct Reporting Units (DRU)
  4. U.S. Army Medical Command | Office of the Surgeon General. The Army Medicine of 2028 is ready, reformed, reorganized, responsive, and relevant, providing expeditionary, tailored, medically ready.
  5. Step 3: Once background check is complete the VCC will activate your FAPH iSportsman account. Call the VCC at (804) 633-8585 to check on the status of your background check. Step 4: Log into your account and acquire the necessary permits. Visitor Control Center (VCC) Hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1600, Closed Sat and Sun
  6. g 2021 rotation to Europe of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, which is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. African Lion, U.S. Africa Command's premier joint annual exercise, successfully wrapped up its 17th iteration in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal, June 18

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