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There is an abundant population of Black Drum in the Texas Coastal Bend. The Black Drum is often overlooked as a primary game fish by sport fishermen, but is highly valued as table fare by many locals. The commercial fishing industry in Texas harvests over 1.5 million pounds of black drum annually which illustrates the demand for its flaky white meat Black Drum. Pogonias cromis. Black drum can survive in most conditions from fresh water to water twice as salty as the Gulf, from freezing weather to the extremely warm shallows of Laguna Madre in the summer. Barbels, or whiskers, on their chin help black drum find worms, shrimp, crabs and other shellfish Anyone can catch a drum, whatever their skills or finances. Tackle can be rod and reel, trotline, hand line or cane pole, and bait is inexpensive. Fishing can be done from piers or from the bank and the entire family can join in. Black drum are rarely taken on artificial baits since most feeding is done by feel and smell

Bottom feeders by nature, black drum are most commonly caught with bait either on the bottom or suspended within a couple feet of the bottom. While shrimp is the most popular bait; squid, clams, sand fleas, crabs and strip baits such as Fishbites all catch drum as well When it comes to catching black drum, one of the toughest challenges to surmount is hauling a black in through the surf. Surf fishing has a number of difficult aspects - weather may be an issue by creating big waves or blowing sand; all sorts of small fish and crabs steal your bait; sand gets everywhere and into everythingthe list goes on and on Black drum are a bottom feeding fish that absolutely loves crustaceans and mollusks. They can be caught by dropping blue crabs, shrimp or clams around pier or bridge pilings, next to jetties, or by soaking the same baits in the surf. The best time of year to target them is during their spring spawn Many lines and leaders have been broken getting fish into the boat or on the bank. For those unable to catch their own, black drum are harvested commercially from Texas bays throughout the year. These drum can be purchased in stores and fish markets for about half the cost of the choice fish

Check out this Catch Clean and Cook from on the road in Houston Texas. How to grill black drum. #backwoodsgourmetCheck out OUR AMAZON STORE for great deal.. Black drum are widely dispersed through out the waters of the Coastal Bend. During the warmer months, black drum will school up and work the shallows in all of the bay systems. Similar to the redfish, black drum will get so shallow that their backs are breaking the top of the water. They will congregate near grassy flats and cruise shorelines looking for food The easiest way to catch a black drum is to put a baited hook on the bottom and wait for the drum to swallow it. Once it's trapped in the hook, pull out the bait instantly and store it in an ice stuffed container. Don't rush when the drum swallows the hook because sometimes it assumes as its trapped Baited with large chunks of blue crab or a slice of fish, these anglers are looking to catch the largest fish of their lives. Black drum run deep and fight hard. For sportfish anglers used to fish that run hard or leap out of the water, the black drum may seem like reeling in an old tire Whether you are in Texas Fishing, Florida, North Carolina or wherever there is Redfish (red drum) this vid will offer you tips and how to on how to catch red..

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Gulp Shrimp. My favorite lure for black drum is a 3″ Gulp shrimp in the New Penny color. I've caught more black drum on this one lure than any other soft plastic. I like to rig it with a 1/8 oz jig head and toss it in front of schooling or tailing drum. Get these Gulp shrimp from Amazon here An inshore, schooling fish, the black drum is known to inhabit areas near breakwaters, jetties, bridge and pier pilings, clam and oyster beds, channels, estuaries, bays, high marsh areas, and the shorelines over sandy bottoms. The following list includes additional details on where to catch this fish I haven't made a video in awhile! Made it out to the Texas City Dike earlier this week to do some more testing on a new set up I got and ended up landed a ma.. Anyway, here are a few aspects regarding black drum fishing, tackle, baits and habitat. Black Drum - Habitat and Habits. Black drum are distributed along the Atlantic Coast, from New York to the waters of Gulf of Mexico, with a very high abundance in Texas area. They are highly adaptable fish, and can be found in quite a wide range of habitats The black drum run provides anglers with an opportunity to catch fish tipping the scales to 30-40 pounds or more. Photo by Capt. Nate Skinner. This annual gathering of large drum in predictable locations tends to bring anglers out of the woodwork, and for good reason. Targeting these heavy fish is just plain fun, not to mention there's really.

Texas fishing experts also tell us that Aransas Pass' Fin & Feather Pier and the Aransas Pass Jetty happen to be great black drum spots as well. Experienced black drum anglers say that if you plan to catch and release these fish, it's a good idea to vent the larger fish to give them a better chance of survival after release Catching Black Drum with the wrapfishingsystem. Very effective, economical way to catch Black Drum and many other types of fish, fresh and saltwater. www.wra.. If you opt to target black drum with artificials, ­many of the same patterns that work for red drum (redfish) work for black drum. The largest black drum I've caught hit an artificial: a 2-inch Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab. Other artificial crabs such as D.O.A.'s Softshell Crab or Berkley's Gulp! Peeler Crab are also effective

On this episode of 30milesOut kayak fishing TV... Ty and Theresa Southerland do some freezer filling kayak fishing with live shrimp on bottom and with poppin.. According to the spring fishing reports, Texas fishing for black drum is good even for landlocked anglers, with some great spots for these fish which can be reached without a boat. A lot of people do great during the black drum run from the pier at the Texas City Dike as well as across from the boat launch, says Mark Redd Texas City • 20 ft • 3 persons. Popular with anglers looking for Black Drum fishing charters in Texas City. Texas City represents the best of Texas inshore fishing. Located on the Galveston Bay, Fishin' Hookers will take you to every corner of the world-renowned bay for some exceptional inshore fishing. Captain Gw Campbell is a Galveston.

Black drum fish are the largest member of the drum family, reaching sizes of over 40 inches and 120 pounds. In Texas, anglers will likely catch no more than 30- to 40-pound drum fish, according to. But a true beast of a black, 70 to 80 pounds or even larger. Of course you do! While noting that black drum of this size aren't very good to eat (they usually have worms in their meat, which is very tough anyway), and that catch-photo-release is usually the best option, battling with one of these monster blacks is a serious adrenaline rush

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The only bait I know the black drum will bite on. I guess one or another will bite accidentally on artificials on spin cast or bait cast outfits. Fly fishing is something different altogether. They just may be interested in a fly delivered this way. But if you really want to catch black drum dead shrimp is the way I'd go Fishing For Black Drum In The Texas Coastal Bend Fishing Guides in The Texas Coastal Bend From drifting across flats to running down shorelines looking for tailing fish or sitting on potholes and cuts each method is effective in the right situation and is dependent as much on the angler's preference and abilities as other factors

Black Drum Part I: Catching Drum on Jigs. This black ate a GULP! Jerk Shad, hovered off the bottom. Black drum may not be the prettiest fish in the world, but they certainly fight like a bulldog and their potential to get big certainly makes them an interesting target. Most folks who target them specifically do so with bait, however, so few die. Black Drum. Big daddy black drum caught and released in Matagorda by Austin Renaud. The black drum, Pogonias cromis, is a chunky, high-backed fish of the croaker family. The undersides of adults are white, but coloration of the backs and sides can vary depending on habitat or age. In Gulf waters, black drum are frequently light gray or silver.

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  1. Length/Weight Conversion. Select a category. Species. Length (in) Select a fish Alligator gar Atlantic bumper Atlantic croaker Atlantic cutlassfish Atlantic midshipman Atlantic needlefish Atlantic sharpnose shark Atlantic spadefish Atlantic stingray (wing width) Atlantic threadfin Atlantic Tripletail Banded drum Bar jack Barracuda Barrelfish.
  2. Lots of big black drum around Rockport. Capt. Jack McPartland (361-290-6302) reports redfish and black drum has been good in the Rockport area. The big blacks are here, the big monster blacks, the catch and release blacks, says McPartland. Usually I have some customers who want to catch the blacks because they have never caught a fish.
  3. Texas fishing calendar: In January head to Laguna Madre for black drum. Black drum aren't a sexy saltwater species in Texas, playing second and even third fiddle to speckled trout, redfish and flounder. However, you won't find a fish more fit for the dinner table, and even in the dead of winter these fish pack a punch on conventional tackle
  4. Here in Texas, you may NOT use gamefish (such as mackerel) as bait. However, you are legally allowed to use other non-gamefish that have an establish size/bag limit as long as these fish fall within the requirements. Some of these eligible bait species are black drum, sheepshead, flounder, and red snapper
  5. Black drum are a popular fish to catch and an excellent choice for novice fishermen or even children.. These fish aren't particularly energetic; instead, they simply use their heft to force an angler into a brief tug-of-war until the drum yields to the pressure.. Galveston, Texas, fishing charter guides will take you to the best fishing spots.
  6. 122 reviews. Port Aransas • 26 ft • 4 persons. Popular with anglers looking for Black Drum fishing charters in Texas. Steven's Guide Service is your best Port Aransas fishing charter. This part of Texas is abundant with a large variety of fish species and the coastal scenery is second to none

How to catch black drum fish A medium-large saltwater reel , spool with 122 to 20 lb braided line are required for fishing the black drum. Bottom fishing is the best option to for black drum fish- put a baited hook on the bottom and wait for the drum to swallow it Winter Sheep and Black Drum. It's time to catch sheepsheads. Texas coastal waters are filled with these hard-fighting, excellent tasting fish that get little respect despite the aforementioned attributes. These fish congregate in the greatest numbers in our jetty systems. Right now is an excellent time to catch them as they begin gathering in. Winter and Spring Fishing. Fishing starts early on South Padre Island, and you can catch black drum, redfish and sheepshead as early as January. These species are available year-round, but prime fishing takes place from the jetties between February and April. Try casting silver or gold spoons from the jetties, or use live baits on bottom rigs If you are fishing closer to the shore, you are likely to catch red drum, black drum, and the spotted seatrout, which is popular among anglers. The water bodies are under both the federal jurisdiction of Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife, depending on the distance from the shore

Figure 2. Black drum are caught at a higher rate in Baffin Bay than other bay systems in the area. The catch rate in Baffin Bay can be twice that of the adjacent Upper Laguna Madre and up to eight times the expected catch in Corpus Christi Bay and the Lower Laguna Madre Black Drum a.k.a. Striped Drum Black Drum can be found in the surf and estuarine areas. They also tend to be near bridges and piers. Trophy-size fish are generally found in passes and channels. Black drum are rarely taken on artificial baits since most feeding is done by feel and smell I prefer to fish for drum at the jetties with line in the 15- to 17-pound class. My favorite bait is blue crab, broken in half and hooked through the carapace. It has a long hook-life, and is irresistible to drum: good stuff. The surf is also a promising place in which to target drum during winter, especially if you want to catch a big one This means to catch Drum, get the bait on the bottom. Drum are likely to be caught by anyone when bottom fishing, whether fishing off the bank, from a pier, or out of a boat. Unless specifically fishing for Drum over thirty pounds, no special tackle is needed. A standard medium rod and reel loaded with 17 to 20 pound test line will land most Drum Red drum is a fast growing fish reaching approximately 11 inches and one pound in its first year, 17-22 inches and 3 1/2 pounds in two years, and 22-24 inches and 6-8 pounds in three years. The record red drum was 94 pounds and was caught on the East coast. The current Texas record is 59 1/2 pounds

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  1. It's tough nowadays to find an abundant, delicious, easy-to-catch, hard-fighting, heavyweight sportfish that doesn't draw a lot of attention. And drum fans would just as soon keep it that way. Drum have the greatest latitudinal range of any North American freshwater fish ranging from Lake Winnipeg in northern Manitoba, Canada, south through the U.S. and Mexico to Guatemala
  2. The most popular months for deep sea fishing out of Galveston are during the summer, when you can catch shark, Spanish mackerel, flounder, trout, and cobia. The winter months are great for targeting black drum and redfish. The night before my offshore trip, a cold front blew in 20-mile-per-hour winds and eight-foot waves
  3. Most tourists flock here to check out the regions beautiful shorelines, but the Outer Banks region is also home to plenty of shallow channels and lagoons where inshore fishing opportunities abound. In fact, these rich waters are a great place to catch your Inshore Slam — flounder, black drum, speckled trout, and red drum — all in a single day
  4. There is a slot limit of 20 to 28 inches and anglers may keep three fish per day. Anglers also may keep one redfish over that slot limit, in addition to the daily bag with the special red drum tag on a fishing license. Black drum: These cousins of the redfish are equal-opportunity vacuum cleaners with a penchant for inhaling shrimp. They don.
  5. The co-owner of Austin-based food truck and catering company Huckleberry Hospitality has especially fond memories of family fishing trips during the drum run that occurs when black drum spawn in February and March. You can easily catch 20 to 30 pounds of drum at that time, Davis says
  6. Bull black drum fishing is almost wholly catch-and-release for two reasons. Primarily, the reason is legal. Texas fishing regulations allow anglers to retain as many as five black drum per.

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How to Catch Redfish Surf Fishing. Through much of their range, redfish are a great target for surf anglers.Whether you are fishing coastal waters in Texas or North Carolina (or most anywhere else. Previous article Black Drum; You May Also Like. 20.1k Views. Ask A Captain Part V. Hot . 11.2k Views. Patriotic Angler Episode 11 - When Is The Best Time To Fish. Hot . Grab your rod, let's go fishing! (67 Photos) Hot . 18k Views. Politically Incorrect Fishing Images (37 of them) Hot . 11.5k Views. Meme Fishing for Our Readers (35 Pics

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About Smith Channel. Can you fish in Smith Channel? Smith Channel is near Rockport. The most popular species caught here are Black drum, Spotted seatrout, and Red drum. 72 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local rules and regulations Catching Jack Crevalle from the Beach is intense. June 23, 2021. April 6, 2020 by Rex McMahon. Spring has sprung, the water along the beach front is warming, and catching Jack Crevalle in the surf gets in high gear. As the water continues to warm, the schools of bait will start to migrate along the beaches Texas Tarpon Basics. High-end spin tackle with reliable drag systems, able to handle 50-pound braid line, are now used on sizeable tarpon. This setup is used with 80-pound leader, for casting at rolling tarpon. November is the last month for catching Texas tarpon - at least for a while. There's still time to catch that trophy, however, and the.

Here's the best way to go summer fishing in Texas. Still others find they have more success throwing soft-plastic worms - big ones, 10 inches or longer and invariably black in color How to catch. The optimal way to target Black Drum would be to deep drop a cracked crab. Shrimp are a close second, with other options including clams, squid or cut fish. Unlike Redfish, Black Drum are a lot more fussy when it comes to artificials, but successes have been reported using metal and bucktail jigs, spoons and soft plastic lures

The pier itself extends about 1,000 feet into the bay. Summertime anglers catch speckled trout, flounder and redfish from the pier, but black drum is often the target species during the winter months The red drum can be distinguished from the black drum by its lack of chin barbels and more elongated body. The body has coppery red overtones on a silvery gray background. The most obvious and characteristic marking on the red drum is a large black spot about the size of the eye on either side of the caudal peduncle, just before the tail fin Fishing Rockport, fishing Port Aransas and fishing Corpus Christi bays provide you with a great opportunity to catchTrout, Redfish, Black Drum and Flounder. NO TRICKS! We will catch KEEPER Trout, Redfish, Flounder, or Black Drum or your day is FREE! - texascoastfishing.com. C&T Bay Charters. 361-946-529 Where to catch Freshwater Drum The freshwater drum is the only North American freshwater representative of the Sciaenidae family which includes the croakers, corbinas, drums, seatrout, etc. It occurs over much of the U.S. between the Rockies andthe Appalachians southward through eastern Mexico to Guatemalas Rio Usumacinta system and northward.

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Bay fishing isn't regulated as heavily as offshore fishing. Fishers will primarily catch black drum, sheepshead or flounder. Two of these species — sheepshead (must be at least 15 inches long) and black drum (which must be 14 inches) — have no limits, meaning anglers can keep as many of these fish as they catch The black drum (Pogonias cromis), also known as the drum or drummer, is a saltwater fish similar to its cousin, the red drum.It is in the genus Pogonias.Though most specimens are generally found in the 5-30 lb (2-14 kg) range, the black drum is well known as the largest of all the drum family with some specimens reaching excesses of 90 lb (40 kg)

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36 catches logged on Fishbrain. Popular species include Alligator gar, Black drum, and Red drum. View. RockenR2513. 27 Jun, 2020. If you think you got a big Boat The fish Out there Are gonna make you wish You had A bigger BOAT. A2020. 5 Sep, 2020. We all maxed out by 12 and got there at 6AM Mar 13, 2018 - We offer the widest selection of high quality fishing decals and sport fish stickers for people that love fishing. Show your passion for fishing and personalize your boat, truck, kayak and fishing gear with original gamefish decals. You are invited: fishindecals.com. See more ideas about fishing decals, fishing gear, fish


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According to experienced anglers fishing off the Texas coast, Berkley Gulp baits can be used to catch red drum fish in both clear and murky waters. In other words, they are perfect for all sorts of situations. This bait is available in several versions. The best version is the Jerk Shad Striped Drum, Texas Drum, Tambor, Sea Drum, Drumfish, Saltwater Drum, and Gray Drum are some of the names of the largest member of the Sciaenidae family, the black drum. The black drum gets its name from the coloring, as well as the loud and extraordinary drumming noise that occurs when the fish thrums a muscle against the swim bladder While bay fishing in Port Aransas, working with experienced Texas fishing charters makes it easier to locate the best spots to fish for Black Drums While the Texas Gulf Coast fishing record for Black Drum is 81 pounds, most bull Drum caught by Texas fishing charters weight between 30 and 40 pounds - still a considerable weight winter beach and jetty fishing. Black drum - While the pompano may be the 'sexy' species in the winter surf, the black drum is the working stiff. Not known for its looks, the black drum, particularly those oversize fish often found prowling the beachfront during the winter months, are bruisers that can keep anglers tied up for quite some time Among the other regular visitors to a chum site are black drum, ladyfish (skipjack), jack crevalle, sheepshead, gafftop and snook. Although they usually can't cover the distance to come to a chum site, flounder can be excited into a feeding frenzy if the area above them is sprinkled with shrimp or baitfish chunks

Usually the winter Temps of the water near Sargent Texas 50's this time of the year. Maybe the spring time spawning of the Back drum is upon us alre ady? The black drum is really fun to catch this time of the year. Unlike their cousin the Red Drum Black drum spawn in the Early Spring on the Gulf Coast After our long, cold, hard winter and few fishing opportunities from January - April the arrival of black drum is a welcome relief. This article will provide anglers tips on catching these big drum in the spring on the Delaware Bay out of Cape May, NJ our home port. There are few fish more exciting or harder fighting fish than these big drum

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In both piers, anglers can catch black drum in the months of October to December, redfish, between September and October. Trout can be caught all year round. Final Thoughts. There are a lot of fish to catch in Texas. You don't have to travel far from the main city areas to get to ideal fishing locations For fishing line, you can go one of two routes. If you are lobbing live bait into slow water, go with slightly heavier line. I think 10-20 lb. test monofilament will work well for 60% of all drum fishing. If you are only catching small drum, that line class may be excessive A common rule of thumb is to use a reel that can hold 200 yards of line in whatever pound test you choose. The reason for this is, if you make a very long cast and a big fish (redfish, black drum) were to hit your bait at the end of the cast, you still have enough line left on your spool to fight the fish

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Chum Charlie. Modified date: May 6, 2021. Black drums are saltwater fish that normally weigh anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds. They are the largest fish in the drum family, and some have even grown to weigh up to 90 lbs. That's one huge fish! A 90 lb fish would feed a lot of people. A lot of new anglers are curious about this massive fish The Texas record for redfish, caught in the Gulf of Mexico in January 2000, was 54 1/4 inches long and weighed 59 1/2 pounds, while the U.S. record is 94 pounds and was caught along the North Carolina coast. Texas anglers land an estimated 225,000 red drum each year, with the average fish measuring 23 inches and weighing about 4.7 pounds

In Texas freshwater drum are ubiquitous exclusive of the Panhandle. Other Although freshwater drum is considered a rough fish by many anglers, it is prized as a food fish in some areas. Drum are also sought after as bait for other species. In Texas the rod and reel record exceeds 30 pounds, and the trotline record is 55 pounds Puppy drum are best for the table and offer tasty meat. Many anglers shy away from black drum due the presence of parasites (worms) when cleaning. Still, there is some excellent seafood using fresh drum for your recipes. Black drum have a five-fish bag limit and only slot drum between 14 and 30 inches may be retained Where to catch Black Crappie. There are different states where you can catch Black crappie. This fish species is native to most of the eastern half of the U.S., the black crappie has been so extensively transplanted that today it entirely blankets the U.S. and reaches up into southern Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in Canada Black drum are a sought species in Texas all year. Surf Fishing Target No. 2: Black Drum The state record is an 81-pound fish caught in summer 1988 from the Gulf of Mexico, but that doesn't mean there aren't still brutes skulking around in the winter Up and down the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, catching redfish is a major fishing activity. These tips and baits can help you find that monster red you are pursuing. Redfish, known in some parts as red drum, channel bass, or red bass, are relatively easy to catch once they have been located

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The black drum is one of the most common fish in Texas bays, and it is uncommonly edible. While the sheepshead and whiting are tasty, too, they offer little reward for the elbow grease expended to. The highlight of spring fishing is usually the black drum run when huge fish are caught all around the island, especially along the jetties and Texas City Dike. Some of the black drum are well over 50 pounds. Summer. Summer is the beginning of more constant fishing and runs a close second to autumn as the choice of anglers for the best time to. Nice black drum caught on fiddler crab. Fiddlers can be found all along the shorelines of inshore waters and beaches. The biggest giveaway that you have found them is that you will see them scurry up the shoreline back to their shelter or structure that they may have been hiding in Sailfish. Reaching just over ten feet, sailfish are one of the smaller members of the billfish family. Their most identifying characteristic is, of course, the sail-like first dorsal fin, which is taller than the width of their body and runs most of the length. A close second is their long, bill-shaped upper jaw, extending twice the length of. The black drum weigh from puppy size (1½ to 5 pounds) up to monster sizes of 20 to 30 pounds or more. Water temperature determines the fish species you'll catch around the islands: If the water warms up early, you may catch sharks, jack crevalle or a cobia at the end of March

It's why fishing for redfish in Texas has become a popular destination for many anglers. It used to be that we would catch mainly slot fish in the shallow backwater in places like Sabine Lake, Keith Lake and East Galveston Bay. Now we see plenty of fish in that 36-40-inch range, says veteran angler Frank Moore Redfish (red drum - Sciaenops ocellatus) are not only one of the best fish to eat for dinner, but they are also a fun fish to catch whether you're a child or an old angling veteran.I first started fishing for redfish while living in Florida from 1991 to 2002. The redfish records vary quite a bit from state to state, and you might be surprised that the world record for the biggest redfish. 5-1-2017: Fishing charters in Corpus Christi have been going really well this spring and we've been getting limits of nice sized trout and sight casting black drum in the Laguna Madre. We've been free lining live shrimp or using popping corks with live shrimp for trout and sight casting black drum using dead shrimp on a jig head How to Catch Redfish Red fish, Redfish fishing, Fish . Catching Black Drum On Artificial Lures Bank Fishing In . Galveston Fishing at the Jetty For Redfish Drum And . CCA member Mark G. submitted this photo of his 6lb . REDFISH AGAINST THE WIND Feature by Chester Moore Texas . Pin by Texas Inshore Fishing on Texas Inshore Fishin

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Croaker, sheepshead, whiting, black drum and even gafftopsail catfish make fine eating. Beyond frying or grilling on the halfshell, try ceviche, fish soups and tacos. Think beyond The Big Three and fish for dinner, not just pictures. Click for Recip To provide the most exciting fishing charter experience in Galveston Bay, Texas. Book Today. Black Jack II. The Black Jack II is a 38' Rampage Express Galveston fishing charter offering a full restroom, Catch: Shark, Redfish, Black drum, Jacks, Stingray, trout, sheepshead, catfish Bay fishing isn't regulated as heavily as offshore fishing. Fishers will primarily catch black drum, sheepshead or flounder. Two of these species—sheepshead (must be at least fifteen inches long) and black drum (which must be fourteen inches)—have no limits, meaning anglers can keep as many of these fish as they catch Rivers and streams have yet to settle into summer lows that are ideal for wading or bank fishing in the predictable spots fish congregate in low water. The freshwater drum (a.k.a. sheephead) provides a nice way to fill the weeks before salmon start congregating near river mouths for their annual spawning run Known locally as the Fishing Capital of Texas, Port A has a ton of fishing options year round.Bay fishing is full of redfish, flounder, black drum and trout; deep sea fishing reels in kingfish. A redfish is called a red, spot tail, channel bass or red drum for its bright copper bronze body, according to the website Rod and Reel. Additionally, several large black or brownish spots are located on the fish's tail, just below the dorsal fin. The mouth of the fish is horizontal and opens downward; the fish has no barbels upon its chin