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ventilation system - a step-by-step guide if the unit cannot be placed in the loft. If the ventilation unit is placed in the loft, it should be placed on a firm surface inclined towards the condensate outlet and strong enough to support the weight of both the unit and 1-2 people. The surface must also be vibration-free, for example by. Positive input ventilation (PIV) brings one of the best solutions to tackle poor indoor air quality (IAQ). It is a solution for all types of properties, PIV units are usually situated in a loft or on a wall. Our PIV range offers both solutions whether you live in a house or a flat

A home's ventilation system consists of everything from roof vents to the best attic fans.Without the right roofing and attic ventilation system, your home can become uncomfortable and cost more to cool or heat. Plus, roofing and attic ventilation systems can protect homes from the expensive roof and structural damage caused by trapped heat, ice dams, moisture and mold Many older buildings may only use the odd tile vent to ventilate the roof space and some roofs may not have any ventilation system at all. However, after carrying out many free loft surveys we have discovered that sometimes it may be the homeowner's fault. It is all too easy to fill the loft with so many boxes, that air is unable to circulate Save: £40.00. £33.33. (9%) Whole House ventilation system. Instantly controls condensation,damp,mould growth, mildew and musty smells. Fitted into the loft space in around 45 minutes. Full Product Details ›. Item in Stock. Item out of Stock | Usually dispatched within 24 hours Attic ventilation works on the principle that heated air naturally rises, primarily utilizing two types of vents: Intake vents, located at the lowest part of the roof under the eaves, allow cool.

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Stopping condensation in the loft is a two step process. Principally you must ensure that the loft is effectively ventilated in order to improve air flow and to allow damp air to disperse outside rather than settle on loft surfaces. In an attempt to do his you may want to: Ensure ventilation slots in the roof space are unobstructed The loft solution in connection with the SmartFan® und easyFan series is a sleek and elegant ventilation system suitable for all forms of loft. Using getAir's innovative loft solution, loft apartments can be supplied with fresh air without having to forego the acoustic and airflow benefits of the getAir systems

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  1. The systems are typically dual speed, providing low speed continuous trickle ventilation and high-speed boost flow. Replacement fresh air is drawn into the property via background ventilators located in the habitable rooms and through air leakage. Unlike MEV, MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one system
  2. Attic ventilation - This short video takes us through some of the basic benefits of roof ventilation, what it does, and why you might need it.. Sometimes though problems manifest themselves later on, like condensation or stifling heat either in the home, or loft area during the summer months
  3. Proper ventilation is used in rain or shine. It is used in winter or summer. It is especially useful on days when there is no breeze. Proper ventilation begins either on the roof, of at the top of the highest wall. The pigeons produce body heat. The sun beating down on the loft also produces heat. The warm air rises
  4. A positive input ventilation (PIV) system provides this helping hand in the form of a motorised unit, installed in the loft space of your home. This will draw air from the outside, filter it of impurities and pollutants, and use positive pressure to circulate the air through the home. In a similar way that the environment inside a fish tank is.
  5. Apply roof cement where shingles meet the vent. Add a dab of cement to secure the shingles to the attic vent cover base. Adding attic vents is a simple matter of cutting holes and installing vents. Photos 1 - 6 show how it's done. But before you cut any holes, plan the locations of the attic vents

If you can smell either pigeons or droppings, or both, the loft ventilation system should be overhauled at once. To delay the work is to inflict respiratory disease on all the loft's inmates. Take your own home for example. If you can sniff unpleasant odours, by way of a general mustiness, two possibilities are imminent: (1) The ventilation. This is my video on how to cure condensation and mould in the home : https://youtu.be/TP7D-t5wfZcThis video takes a look at the basics of roof ventilation an.. Good ventilation systems will usually specify how much air they can circulate, but how much you need can depend on a number of factors, including location of the property in regards to wind exposure, if your loft has been converted into a living space, and, most tellingly, how much insulation is in place throughout the home Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is a whole house air ventilation system that works by drawing in fresh, filtered air into a property from outside. These can be either installed in a loft space or on a wall in a flat or apartment. They ensure that a continuous supply of air is supplied into the home to eliminate or significantly reduce.

Ventilation System Requirements. Proper ventilation should: Be able to maintain the correct quality of air. Provide good quality air to all corners of the loft. Never cause drafts. Be both efficient and easy to regulate. Taking the above points one by one and checking them against the ventilation system of Van Ravenstein, we can see that he. Ventilation. The most important element for keeping a loft cool is the ventilation. During the build of a loft conversion, your builder will take of the particulars such as insulation. Just in the same way it keeps heat in during the winter, it will work in the same manner to keep the heat out. There are regulations for the minimum amounts of. Ventilation plays an important part in birds' health and in the bringing on of form. Upon entering a loft, one should not smell anything. That is why a constant flow of fresh air is needed. A pigcon uses a surprising amount of oxygen while breeding. As soon as the air in the loft is stale, pigeons suffer Inadequate ventilation to the loft will cause structural damage to the roof timbers. A number of different options are available to provide adequate ventilation to the loft. We look at the most common available options. Over Fascia Vents . Sandwiched between to the top of the fascia and the underside of the roof tiles, this ventilation system. Every home has a roof, but is every roof properly ventilated to prevent premature roof deterioration or roofing system failure? Learn about the benefits prop..

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  1. While systems that avoid the use of ventilation have been marketed by some companies, ventilation is still the most popular system for complying with Building Regulation F2. How it works The basic requirements for ventilating a traditional cold loft space are that air should enter the loft at the lowest point on one side of the roof and exit on.
  2. Nuaire's market-leading Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV, range is trusted by Social Housing providers, New Build developers, and and Private Landlords as a cost-effective, whole-house system that prevents condensation and black mould from damaging homes and the health of occupants. It was in 1972 that Nuaire invented a cure.
  3. Disadvantages of positive pressure ventilation include: Heating costs - despite the unit being cheap to run there is an additional cost. As the system adds cool air from outside to the nice warm air in your home it will cool the air in your house. Meaning your heating system will have to take up the slack
  4. Poor ventilation means the air conditions in your pole barn will hold whatever level of humidity they have. If it's dry, it will stay dry. But if it's humid, that humidity won't have anywhere to go. Humidity or condensation can damage equipment or feed stored in the barn, cause wear or shorts with electrical systems or leave animals.
  5. Price: $1,519.00. VFLC10IN32P. White Mountain Hearth Loft Vent Free Cleanface Insert/Fireplace with Barrier Screen, Black Reflective Liner and Burner Cover, Remote Ready - 10,000 btu's - Propane. A 10,000 BTUs contemporary system is available for bedroom applications - where allowed by codes
  6. When establishing the suitability of a loft mounted ventilation system is to ensure that there are no ceiling leakages. For example, a poorly sealed loft hatch or uncapped spotlights may also cause moisture migration into the loft. If any of these scenarios are present then moisture from within the property may rise through thes
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  1. TITLE. Product Range. PIV systems help stop condensation and mould growth in homes by providing fresh, filtered air from a central location in the home. TITLE. Airsource Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Ideal for homes with a small or unventilated loft space. Reduces humidity and improves indoor air quality
  2. The lofty is a positive pressure fan system and these systems do work - but only if installed properly and if a proper survey has been done and the system deemed suitable. They are not a miracle cure for all condensation probelms. There are other manufactures of similar systems. If does not circulate cold air
  3. Ventilation. Cool the loft by moving air. Ceiling fans are effective air circulators. Alone or in conjunction with a central cooling system, the ceiling fans force air to move, mixing warm air.
  4. MV 24 inch 36000 BTU Loft Vent-Free Burner - Natural Gas. Brand: Empire Comfort Systems. Price: $839.00. Enhance your purchase. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. High Quality Construction - Built for durability and longevity. For Use with - Empire Vent-Free VFD Deluxe Firebox
  5. Use the right type of attic vent for the right project and roofing contractors can expect efficient performance and energy savings from the attic ventilation system. But sometimes roofing professionals become frustrated because they're stuck in one of the following traps they'd be wiser to avoid. Use the right type of attic vent for the right project and roofing contractors can expect.
  6. Definitely not compliant to vent a bathroom or shower into loft space, I would recommend a soffit vent with flexi duct to extractor, alternatively depending on roof covering, you can install pitched roof vent tiles / slates, your extractor fan should be connected to the lighting circuit and have an overrun facility. 2020-06-04T21:30:02+01:00

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  1. Condensation, Nuaire PIV. Whole House PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) Kit - Loft Mounted Unit £ 220.00 ex VAT (£ 264.00 inc.) Out of stock. Ideal for houses and dwelling that suffer with condensation, it can also help with the prevention of dry rot The Home Dry Positive Input Ventilation unit (or PIV unit) uses air displacement to ventilate a whole dwelling, improving indoor air quality.
  2. ates condensation & mould growth. Generates fresh filtered air throughout
  3. The fan will lower the pressure in the loft, sucking air through, but not even noticeable. The system wouldnt work if the air was moist, its the fact that the air in the loft is stable and dry.
  4. During winter, snow can be melted by warm air that has been trapped in the loft. The resulting water can then refreeze on the eaves and so produce what are called ice dams. Hence, the appearance of ice dams is one indicator that the loft lacks proper ventilation. Other such indicators include, in the loft itself, frost or dampness

Soffit Vents/Insulation Baffles: An important part of installing any system of ventilation into your roof system is to make sure that there is a point of entry and a point of exit for airflow. As a homeowner, it is important that you review the soffit areas of the home for soffit vents. The soffit vents allow convective air movement from the. Pigeon loft ventilation is vital to ensure your birds are housed in a fresh and healthy environment. As a result our ventilators are increasingly being used by Pigeon fanciers around the world to improve ventilation of both lofts and transport vehicles. The Flettner Ventilator is wind powered and fitted on top of the vehicle or loft Purpose of Ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is to: Make fresh oxygen available to the respiratory system. Remove the exhaled gases and the gases produced by the droppings. Rid the loft of excess moisture so the RH will stay within the permissible levels. Help maintain the temperature at the proper level

Smart, simple, safe and efficient. Compliant with UK and EU codes of practice, the 20,000mm 2 free airflow capacity tested and confirmed by Building Research Establishment trials. Made out of recycled plastics, environmentally responsible and uniquely pioneering, lapVent has been individually honoured with a prestigious Millennium Product. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems (MVHR) are actually very straightforward to install yourself, as long as you're reasonably handy with a drill and you aren't afraid of heights. Here's a step-by-step process for how to install your own MVHR or HRV system, safely, without leaks and saving a lot of money Ventilation systems can be categorized as one of four types: exhaust, supply, balanced, and heat-recovery. The right ventilation system for a particular house depends upon the climate and the needs of the structure. Exhaust ventilation systems are preferred in cold climates where they are less likely to draw moist air into the building Pigeon Loft Design. Across the board, the rule of thumb when setting up and maintaining a pigeon loft is to keep the loft extremely dry with plenty of ventilation. Philip Spatola of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, recently won the American Racing Pigeon Union Loft of the Year award

Air is drawn by a centrally located (eg in a cupboard or loft), extract system though other systems exist using multiple fans. • NB: To achieve the EST 'Best practice' standard, 'the whole system must have a specific fan power of 0.6W/l/s or less when running at each of its settings' Loft Burners deliver a contemporary look with an artistic flair - by itself or accessorized to suit the room. Choose decorative tops and firebox liners, in reflective black or brushed stainless steel, and crushed glass in black polished, blue clear, and clear frost. 18, 24 and 30-inch Vent-Free Burners - up to 40,000 Btu It operates as a vent-free system for heating or can be installed in a vented fireplace to provide the ambiance of a fire but without the heat. The Loft Series Burners are ideal when installed in Empire's Deluxe Vent-Free Fireboxes - available in three sizes (32-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch) each in traditional louver front or flush front models Shop 10 X EASYVENT LOFT VENTILATION CURES CONDENSATION IN THE LOFT - DIY INSTALL. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more A heat recovery system helps the air circulate within a building by replacing it with colder air that is warmed by the ventilation system. Over the years the technology for heat recovery systems has vastly improved and there are now systems available that profess extract up to 95% of the heat from stale air and return it to the fresh air that.

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Centralised Ventilation v Decentralised Ventilation The theory behind Whole House Ventilation is fairly simple: A single large extraction unit is situated in a convenient central location - maybe the loft, garage or cupboard. Ducting connects this unit to extract points, (usually terminated by a wall, ceiling or floor grille) in multiple rooms Hide details. Choose items to buy together. This item: MV 18 inch 10000 BTU Loft Vent-Free Burner - Natural Gas. $769.00. In stock. Usually ships within 3 to 4 days. Ships from and sold by Shop Chimney. Midwest Hearth Rock Wool for Gas Log - 6 oz. Bag. $14.95 Loft Ventilation System. Condition is Used. Envirovent Atmos Air Loft Ventilation system. Model SF-FAF-H. Todays price £1558.80 incl VAT. Home Ventilation System for inserting Fresh Filtered Air into the home. Collection only. unwanted as having loft extension

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  1. As cool air is heavier than warm air, which rises, the loft ideally needs some sort of ventilation in the bottom to allow fresh air to enter as well as ventilation in the roof for the warmer, stale air and ammonia to escape. The subject of whether to go with a mechanical or natural ventilation system is one that divides fanciers
  2. Loft Ventilation Technology. As with everything else the use of new technology makes many of the old rules obsolete and this is true enough in the case of loft conversion ventilation. Most new roofs are now built with insulation boards installed above the rafters. The use of the insulation boards negates the need for ventilation by creating a.
  3. Lofty Remcon Home Ventilation System Reviews & Customer Ratings. X. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. The unit does work by drawing cold air from the loft and circulating the air and moisture in the building so during the winter months.

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The Loft Series burner is limited only by your imagination - in a wall, in an island, in a mantel, in an art installation - the possibilities are boundless. It operates as a vent-free system for heating or can be installed in a vented fireplace to provide the ambiance of a fire but without the heat. Available in LP and Natural Gas models in. A good campervan ventilation system means bringing in clean, fresh air from outside and expelling hot, moisture laden air. Your van needs enough ventilation to keep air circulating, removing the water vapour being produced. So the more people using the camper van and sources of moisture, the greater the ventilation system needed 3. A balanced ventilation system for the whole house that recovers heat that would have otherwise have been lost. 4. Low noise, non-intrusive ventilation system for end users. 5. A healthy, happy home! 3. Heat Recovery Ventilation works at its best in airtight properties less than 5ach

Our industrial ventilation ducting systems come with a standard 10 year warranty, a huge range of colours and enormous savings over traditional rigid duct and grille systems. We really can ensure that you have the most appropriate and cost effective industrial ducting supplies for your application. Get in touch now to discuss your industrial. NUAIRE DRIMASTER ECO LC. £ 310.00. The NUAIRE DRIMASTER ECO LC is our basic unit which provides all of the benefits of Positive Input Ventilation, offering system controls on the unit within the loft space. The most basic Drimaster ECO version for homes with lofts. Controllable only via loft Jun 16, 2016 - Pigeon Loft Ventilation Even if one whole side of your loft was open, you would not have good ventilation. In fact, you would have quite a draft and probably would get sick pigeons. How do you have good ventilation and yet not have drafts blowing on the birds? How can you have good ventilation without [

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The Loft Series Contemporary vent free burner is specifically designed for use on its own or with the addition of glass or rock media. It is designed to be used in a vent-free fireplace and can also be used in a traditional, flue vented fireplace - the flue must be open for this installation and it is only for use as a decorative appliance Xpelair Systems 4 A Guide to Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) 5 A Guide to Mechanical Extract Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) 5 Features at a Glance 6 MEV System Solutions 7 MEV Xplus 2 EC and EC RF Low-energy Multi-point Domestic Ventilation Units 8 dMEV Simply Silent™ Contour CV & CVLV 4/100mm Constant Volume Extractor Fans 10.

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White Mountain Heart Once installed, in the optimum location, your new Positive Input Ventilation system will dilute and displace any wet, moist air in the building and replace it with drier filtered air from the loft or outside, giving measurable results within just a few days and cure the problem within a few weeks Cobra Exhaust Vent 10.5 in. x 20 ft. Mesh Roll Ridge Vent in Black - (Nail Gun Version) When installed as part of a properly balanced When installed as part of a properly balanced attic ventilation system, GAF Cobra Exhaust Vent is a shingle-over exhaust vent installed at the roof ridge that helps exhaust excess heat and moisture from your attic. It comes on an easy-to-install flexible mesh.

Posts Tagged pigeon loft ventilation system. Space Age Ventilation - Loft Atmosphere. Posted by PigeonRacingFan in All, Loft, Loft Design on January 24, 2010 . Space Age Ventilation - Loft Atmosphere On a visit ten years ago the Hungary to the city of Kaposyar, I met the well known German pigeon photographer Gerhard Schlepphorst. Several. How you are meant to get the cold air to vent the other side of the room is a mystery! The same arguments equally apply for trickle ventilators. The 1930/40/50s high level bedroom air bricks don't work either for the same reason. What would work is a high level vent on one wall and a low level air intake on an opposite wall Cooling & Exhaust Fans Keep your greenhouse, barn, warehouse, livestock, home or business cool with the proper circulation or exhaust fans. Built to handle maximum floor area in high moisture applications, FarmTek's heavy-duty high performance ceiling fans are great for winter heating or summer cooling and eliminate condensation — ceiling fans help to deliver maximum airflow over wide areas

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Cheap to run - Units draw from 1.5 -15 watts to run depending on the setting, so if left on 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a whole year somewhere between £2 to £10 a YEAR. Tamper proof - Very important if you're a landlord. Students and tenants often stop using dehumidifiers through forgetfulness, laziness, breakages or a fear of. 7716. Hi Paul. if your loft was built fairly recently it will have proper insulation in place which in itself causes the loft to be warmer in the winter but also the summer. In addition heat rises so it will automatically rise into the loft. We usually recommend an electrically operated velux as these can be left open and will automatically. The Lift Downdraft is everything you want in a luxury ventilation system — power, performance, and good looks. Packed with perks like the Dual-level BriteStrip™ LED lighting, Tri-Capture Zones and 4-Way Ducting, the Lift is ready to help you rise to any occasion with the touch of a button It needs a major paint job, which will be done in the spring. Also in the plans are a new ventilation system as I do not like the way the loft ventilates at present. Also in the plans are for a large walk in fly pen on the front of the loft. You can tell that the edge of the roof on the East and West side are low to the ground Without proper ventilation, your grow lights will naturally drive up the temperature in your tent/room. The best way to keep your grow space ventilated is by using an exhaust system that draws old, warm air out at the top of the room/tent, and draws cool, fresh air from the bottom of your grow space up through the plant canopy

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The patented, intelligent heat recovery system that will boost the fan when the temperature in your loft is greater than that in your home (in the heating season). 5-year life filters Huge filters (0.47 sq.m) that only need replacement once every 5 years A number of PIV products are available on the market today from many well-known ventilation manufacturers such as Nuaire and Vent Axia. There are variations on the theme, but the most popular products consist of a fan positioned in the loft space, which blows air into the house via a ceiling-mounted air valve or diffuser

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EVL-H PIV Loft Mounted Unit with 5 year warranty. This version comes with inbuilt heater for winter. Powered by an Ultra Low Watt Brushless DC Motor, the EnviroVent EVL Loft Mounted Unit utilises the latest technology to ensure minimum energy consumption and long term trouble free life, achieving up to 80% more efficiency than a traditional AC fan Basic loft insulation, which is required for either a warm or cold loft, is inserted between the joists or rafters. This may then be boarded over, but 270mm will probably come up over the joists. Therefore it's important to raise the boards, to prevent restricting ventilation and overheating electricity cables Mechanical ventilation systems often do not work as expected, and normal operation may be interrupted for numerous reasons, including equipment failure, utility service interruption, poor design, poor maintenance or incorrect management (Dragan, 2000). If the system services a critical facility, and there is a need for continuous operation, all.

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Positive Input Ventilation (PIV Unit) - Loft Mounted Unit uses air displacement to ventilate a whole dwelling, improving indoor air quality and stopping or preventing condensation problems from occurring. Perfect for retrofit installation into existing properties, the Home Dry PIV Loft Unit is very easy to install. - Filter Housing Klober 3 in 1 Eaves Vent Pack - 10mm Vent and 300mm Wide Rafter Tray. £30.75 ex VAT. £36.90 incl VAT. Add to basket. Manthorpe Eaves Ventilation Pack (10,000mm2 ) - 6m Pack. £26.40 ex VAT. £31.68 incl VAT. Add to basket. Hambleside Danelaw 3 in 1 Eaves Ventilation Pack 25,000mm2 - 6m Pack

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Ventilation og tilbehør. Blandt vores kæmpe udvalg af VVS-artikler finder du selvfølgelig også et stort sortiment af forskellige produkter til ventilation. Der er mange forskellige muligheder, så tag et kig på siden for at finde netop det, som du har brug for 14. Use floor to ceiling loft storage for a practical space. (Image credit: Paul Archer Design) When the height of a room can be used, take advantage by using the tallest wall for floor-to-ceiling storage. Build desk spaces into it for versatility, like in this room by Paul Archer Design Natural ventilation is the most common and energy-efficient method of achieving attic temperature and moisture control. This method takes advantage of two principles. First, as air is heated it becomes less dense and rises. Second, wind movement over and around a home creates areas of high and low pressure The top of your home needs ventilation too, and that's why you'll find gable vents and roof vents on residential structures. Roof vents help air circulation on steeply sloped roofs, allowing air to get in and out of attics or other top-floor spaces, and come in varying models, including solar vents Boulevard Vent-Free Fireplaces. With its outsize proportions, its contemporary burner, and its programmable lighting system concealed beneath a bed of crushed glass, a Boulevard Large Linear Vent-Free Fireplace makes a bold statement. Learn More. Boulevard Direct-Vent Fireplaces

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The largest fan offer. Save on energy costs and improve your health through optimal ventilation in your home. In the wide range of Ventilationland you will find inexpensive and high quality fans, including various models of built-in fans, home fans, MVHR units and mechanical fans.Matching controllers are also part of our wide range. In our assortment you will find various mechanical. Register and vent duct booster fans cost $40 to $100. Main disadvantages - Less powerful (and cheaper) in-line units have a lighter-gauge housing that is more prone to rattling. - Duct or vent booster fans may not make a significant cooling difference if your ductwork or overall cooling system is inefficient, sized improperly or faulty

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Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems were first introduced in the 1970's to deal with condensation by providing continuous ventilation without creating cold draughts and without affecting the operation of open-flued combustion appliances. The Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems usually consist of a small fan in the loft area, which forces. Manufactured by: White Mountain Hearth. Payments Accepted: American Express, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard & Discover. This is a 24 contemporary ventfree see-thru fireplace burner that is remote ready and shown with optional clear frost glass. Your Loft Series Burner arrives finished in lustrous matte black. Decorative accessory tops are available.

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The system would require more renewable tech to be efficient, which could negate its energy-saving benefits. Many old homes have their own retrofit ventilation strategies, designed to be non-intrusive - positive input ventilation is a tried and tested solution that fits in the loft space and gently pressurises the dwelling to prevent. Many older homes are inadequately ventilated, and often the steps we take to better insulate older homes through installing new windows and adding loft insulation can further decrease the natural ventilation. Washing, cooking, cleaning and drying clothes indoors all contribute to the creation of condensation and pollutants in the air from. £296.11 ex VAT. £355.33 incl VAT. Add to basket. Klober Flavent uPVC Roof Breather Vent with Standard Flange - 100mm. (1) from. £26.67 ex VAT. £32.00 incl VAT

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MMFXUE Air washer and wall ventilation system for the household two-way flow whole house in addition to formaldehyde, intelligent silent ventilation. £1,253.99 £ 1,253. 99. Promotion Available. FREE Delivery. Drimaster DRI-ECO-HC Condensation Ventilation Loft Unit (Hall Control) - Latest Model Eaves ventilation is just one option when it comes to ensuring there is sufficient air circulation through the roof cavity. We provide a complete solution for eaves ventilation, selling the eaves ventilation tray and eaves ventilation strips needed to complete the job properly South West Ventilation will supply and fit a state of the art, loft mounted PIV whole house ventilation system. NO LOFT? We also offer a wall mounted system for properties without roof space. All South West Ventilation installers are fully qualified and insured to install residential ventilation products for homeowners, developers, landlords. Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units have been preventing and curing condensation dampness related problems in homes for decades. They are also used to control other indoor air pollutants and have proven to be an effective means to control Radon Gas.. The units gently ventilate homes from a central position and transform musty damp properties into fresh, healthy condensation and mould free. Smoke ventilation systems are a vital part of public space buildings' health and safety and fire regulations. It is imperative that all buildings adhere to these. At Loft Shop, we provide a full range of options to ensure that your building has the safest smoke ventilation system. That means providing the right smoke venting domes for your needs