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Hypmic_EN Translation Archive. Archive of Unoffical Hypnosis Mic Translations by @hypmic_en. Menu. Age: 19 Height: 185cm / ~6 He used to be part of a comedy duo with Sasara, but he never felt that he was a good match for Sasara's talent and ultimately they broke up Sato Sasara (さとうささら) is a Japanese CeVIO Creative Studio voicebank by CeVIO Project. Unlike her two companions whose voice banks are primarily for speaking, Sasara is capable of both speaking and singing. An update for CeVIO AI was formally announced on January, 21st 2021 and is planned to release August 5, 2021 with both a Song. - Buster Bros!!!, Matenro and Fling Posse advance to the final round of the Second Rap Battle! 7th Live, titled SUMMIT OF DIVISIONS and featuring three teams will be held in August 7-8, 2021!- Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rule the Stage -Battle of Pride- will be held in August 2021 in.. The members consist of the conman Rei Amayado, the teacher Rosho Tsutsujimori, and their leader, the comedian Sasara Nurude. Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: The theme of their unit is manzai comedy. Motifs: A fan, found as a badge for all 3 (on Rei's hat and on the other two's lapels). Sasara also has a gold fan on his microphone, while Rosho has a.

Otome Tohoten is the Prime Minister of Japan and a current leader of Party of Words. 1 Profile 2 Appearance 3 Songs 3.1 Group 4 Etymology 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Navigation The leader of the Party of Words. She took control over the government by coup d'etat using Hypnosis Mic in the first year of.. Samatoki Aohitsugi, a.k.a. Mr.Hc (or Mr. Hardcore) is a yakuza, the current leader of MAD TRIGGER CREW, former member of Mad Comic Dialogue and The Dirty Dawg. 1 Profile 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Rap Ability 5 Songs 5.1 Solo 5.2 Group 5.3 All Stars 5.4 Rap Battle 5.5 Others 6 Etymology 7.. Rei Amayado, a.k.a. MC MasterMind, is a conman, the creator of Hypnosis Mics, father of the Yamada Brothers and the third member of Dotsuitare Hompo. 1 Profile 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Songs 4.1 Solo 4.2 Group 4.3 All Stars 4.4 Rap Battle 4.5 Others 5 Etymology 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 Navigation A self-proclaimed conman. He is the person responsible for developing Hypnosis Microphone and. Sasara takes offense to the suggestion that his jokes are bad, but with a little encouragement from Samatoki the two of them get back to business and spin a verse together followed by Ichiro and Samatoki. The spectating crowd of girls erupts into cheers for their victory. Sasara and Kuko thank them for their support and ham it up for the crowd

The age ranges used are of a similar range to those of Japanese polls. [ARB's recent survey and the age demographics of Comic ZERO-SUM, publisher of the FP/M manga] 93.5% of voters use translations regardless of Japanese comprehension Anonymous said: hi how about headcanons for sasara with a v touch starved/physically affectionate s/o Answer: It may come as a surprise but Sasara is one of my favorites Sasara Nurude: •.. Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-is a rap/song project launched by EVIL LINE RECORDS, a sub-label of King Records.In addition to its main cast of 18 voice actors, it features character design by.

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I have a #hypmic guidebook tag, and I may add the glossary there if I feel frisky. One of the issues is that I don't actually own the guidebook, and working off of other people's photos is a really obnoxious process. The other issue with translating a relationship chart is that it'd be a nightmare to format as a post Sasara: So long, Samatoki. Samatoki: Sa- Sasara In the 3rd year of H-age, Osaka. Colleague 1: Oh, Sasara, there you are! Sasara, 26 y.o: Mm? Colleague 1: We heard from the prez - you're gonna be in the next division rap battle! Sasara: Haaa~ I told him not go around saying all that, thoug I'm a bisexual 19 y/o girl, I'm currently getting my teaching degree & I speak three languages! Throughout my life I've struggled with depression & anxiety, but I'm finally in a better place now and so I try to share my mental health tips & spread positivity when I can—I'm a total mom friend in general. My hobbies are baking.

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SASARA: A final countdown one-thousand days ago (22) Embracing the beat with a heart made out of steel To burn out in battle is our only destiny (23) Stopping it is hopeless, this is our flow. KUUKO: What a puzzling line-up of gangsters (24) Taking a rain-check on struggling for territory With mic in hand we'll clinch this last sho slugtranslation-hypmic: Be over the age of 13. Be able to complete a test of sample pages. Please fill out this form if you are interested. Thank you very much! 41 notes. Cleaning Applications Open. Sasara Nurude - 174 cm/5′9″.

Read Jokes from the story (Y/N) And The Hypmic Crackheads by Nanbaka_82 with 323 reads. hypnosismic, hypnosis, matenro. (Y/N) gets a text at a funeral Age Gap Champagne Sasara is offline. Rosho: I am sorry for the delay everyone, the asshole has been taken care of now, I am sorry for your lose, (Y/N). She may be in the prime age to be a soccer mom, but she's the prime minister. Would double as a soccer mom if she kept her son around. Rapped a man to near death like it's nothing and I respect that in a woman. Looks dead inside and I can relate to that. 4/5 one star reduced cause she technically committed a war crime . 2. Ichijiku Kadenokoj Heyo!! Can i get a mathcup? I'm a martial art athlete, i'm pretty independent and i got kinda boyish attitude. my friend told me its hard to flirt with me since i always eithet confuse or take it as a joke h3h3. I'm not easily cry or get mad somehow. I'm a ambiverts

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SASARA Having a lively talk about nothing important is Nurude Sasara and his merry band of friends ROSHO Passing through Ame-mura, noisily wasting time (4) REI Crossing that border brings you into a new world SASARA Okonomi! (5) ROSHO Kushikatsu! (6) REI This is the nation's kitchen (7) SASARA Let's have a toast! Count to ten, if ya please RE Me trying to figure out the hypmic timeline and finally find out how old Yotsutsuji is : if Jakurai is 35 rn and 12 years ago he stopped being an assassin Halfway through: Ichiro and Jakurai have a 16 years age gap btw them war probably started when Saburo was born so Jakurai was in his 20 Nov 27, 2020 - キングレコード EVIL LINE RECORDSが手掛ける音楽原作キャラクターラッププロジェクトヒプノシスマイク公式サイ

I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I'm not.-Kurt Cobain Introduction. Aranai Norikoru is the leader of the Ueno Division rap battle team, Sakurai Clan.She is known far and wide by her moniker, Ride or Die.She is a former Bōsōzoku, but left the life behind after her life was saved by Shisuta Heisha, who helped her get her life back on the right track Read Table Eight from the story (Y/N) And The Hypmic Crackheads by Nanbaka_82 with 327 reads. dotsuitarehompo, crack, vines. (LITERALLY MY FUCKIN HAREM! Sorr.. Read Chipotle from the story (Y/N) And The Hypmic Crackheads by Nanbaka_82 with 386 reads. badasstemple, memes, flingp..

Hypmic (BL), Rosho/Sasara, alternate age / ろささで学パロ漫画 - pixiv pixi Hypmic (BL), alternate age, Rosho/Sasara, Hypmic BL 1000+ bookmarks are the most prominent tags for this work posted on April 12th, 2020 Sasara Nurude/Rosho Tsutsujimori, Sasara/Rosho, Sasara/Rosho, Hypmic (BL) are the most prominent tags for this work posted on October 17th, 2020 A mobile game adaptation was announced at 2018's Otomate Party, and was released in March 2020. Titled Hypnosis Mic: Alternative Rap Battle, this Rhythm Game is set in an Alternate Continuity than the main story. In April 2019, Otomate released a song, History of Hypnosis Mic, sung by Japanese educational rapper Co.Keio, providing a brief history of the series from initial conception to the. Rosho/Sasara, Hypmic (BL), Rosho/Sasara / ヒ腐マイまとめ② - pixiv pixi

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verse-1. The chapter opens with a color page of TDD-era Ichiro and Samatoki facing off against someone in a rap battle together followed by a familiar explanation of the start of H Era, the Hypnosis Mic, Divisions and their current leaders, and so on. We're in H Era Year 3, present day for the series. Ichiro is 19 This fic is for all kinds of reader-insert requests for the Hypmic boys. If you have an idea for me, leave it in the comments! The meaner, the better. >:Dc I have a variety of fun Aus for the picking from, and I hope everyone enjoys my extremely specific brand of torturing pretty boys nov 27, 2020 - キングレコード evil line recordsが手掛ける音楽原作キャラクターラッププロジェクトヒプノシスマイク公式サイ the age difference doesn't actually change that many things in your relationship because Sasara never acts his age anyways; Strangely Arousing Hypmic Imagines 002. #hypnosis mic #hypmic #hypmic imagines #imagine #sasara nurude #rosho tsutsujimori #sasara x reader #catboy sasara #dotsuitare honpo

Announcement: Two new Hypmic manga series. A grand total of three new Hypmic manga series are coming down the pipeline to begin serializing in late January. However, we have a series of prologue chapters to tide us over until then. BB/MTC+ and FP/M+ are releasing at midnight in Japan on 11/26 and 11/27, meaning a new series is beginning in only 9 hours Sep 12, 2019 - And we finally got the website to load, so here are their full profiles! Sasara Nurude MC Name: Tragic Comedy Voiced by: Ryota Iwasaki Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. DOB: 10/31 Age: 26 Height: 174cm/~5'8 Weight: 58kg/~130lbs Occupation: Comedia Sasara seems to have been cursed or something along those lines to change his body, reverting his age to about 15 or 16, though no one is certain what age. There are some other side effects that aren't quite evident to Sasara just yet, but soon enough the dots will be connected Age: 14. Height: 173cm | 5' 8.1 Weight: 53kg | 117lbs. Occupation: 3rd Year Middle School Student Everything that rises sets, and everything that grows, grows old. The third son of the Yamada household and the youngest in Buster Bros!!!. A genius who can do just about anything. Unlike his brothers, he is not a delinquent

Read Puns from the story (Y/N) And The Hypmic Crackheads by Nanbaka_82 with 327 reads. party, partyofwords, dotsuitarehompo. Rosho: *Slams Desk* (Y/N)! SASARA.. Gentaro: -looking at dice- Every time you speak I age another 50 years. Dice: . hypnosis incorrect quote incorrecthypnosismic hypnosis microphone fling poses yumeno gentaro dice arisugawa hypmic gentaro hypmic dice. Hifumi: hey doppo-kun what's up! Doppo: [ with a dead look ] my stress level CodeX Team Dynamics. Despite Ritsuko being the leader of the team, she usually hangs back and lets Miho and Sumire do the damage, it's not as if she doesn't want to rap, far from it, she uses her teammates as a distraction to study her opponents and find their weaknesses.; When it comes to defense, Miho is the team's best option, but that doesn't mean she can't deal some serious damage

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Read Salt And Vinegar from the story (Y/N) And The Hypmic Crackheads by Nanbaka_82 with 311 reads. crack, dotsuitarehompo, flingposse. Rei: You have a salty.. Regalo para Paco del secret santa de la comunidad de hypmic de Discord <3 Todo había sido idea de Sasara, como actividad de grupo, para estrechar lazos, decidieron pasar la navidad los 3 juntos. Pasarían la navidad, es decir, la cena del 24 y la mañana del 25, en el departamento de Rosho Dotsuitare Honpo, Sasara Nurude, Rosho Tsujimori, Rei Amayado are the most prominent tags for this work posted on February 22nd, 2020 Using their deepened bonds as a weapon. Their pledge to advance in battle in 2021. —In March of this year, Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- 5th LIVE@Saitama 《SIX SHOTS TO THE DOME》, which was supposed to be held at Saitama's MetLife Dome, was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and became a live stream instead

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  1. Unique Mic Microphone stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available
  2. If you are sensitive to a lot of topics (drinking, trauma, etc.) I'm probably not the best partner for you. Here are the fandoms and characters I feel comfortable writing for atm: (depending on the character, I'm open to shipping with OCs - just ask!) HypMic ☆ (craving) Sasara, Rosho, Rei, Doppo, Hifumi, Jyuto
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  4. hypmic, hypnosis mic, dotsuitare honpo, osaka, sasara nurude, rosho tsutsujimori, rei amayado, hypnosis microphone Osaka Dotsuitare Honpo [どついたれ本舗] Classic T-Shirt By quincy-
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  6. Since I need this fem!HypMic AU to explain how I came up with some assorted headcanons I was planning to post, you might as well have it. (It's SFW, because I don't think I'm capable of writing NSFW.) Notes: In my head, this genderswap business is brought about by the psychic powers Gentaro has in this AU. In MTC's case, the exact storyline I have in my head for this is quite clear.

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Know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.-Sun Tzu Introduction. Kisouna Yuzairu is the third and final member of the Ueno Division rap battle team, Sakurai Clan.She is known far and wide by her MC name, Verdict.She is a prosecuting attorney who makes it her mission to see justice done, and to punish all criminals, regardless of the severity of. Iruma Jyuto: . Jyuto desperately tried not to be considered an 'absent father'. He was still always at work but he made sure to call home during bedtime to say goodnight and if he came home in the early morning hours, he'd kiss them good morning before heading off to bed Hypnosis wall art products, available on a range of materials, with framed and unframed options. Wall art in a wide variety of ready-to-hang prints for your home, office, or dorm. Gallery quality framed photographic prints, metal prints, canvas prints, art prints, and art boards to update your space with awesome art Summary. As the vocalist of a band, it is Jyushi's duty to take the lead. And Jirou, as the guitarist, takes the lead... singer. Series. Part 11 of hypmic kinktober 2020. Language: English. Words: 1,379

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  1. Rio Mason Busujima : Rio doesn't have a visual reaction at first to seeing you in his jacket, asking simply if you were cold and that was why you took it. You make his heart flutter in his chest when you say it's because you wanted to wear it to be closer to him, realizing it meant a little more than simply being cold
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Sasara hypmic Jun 03, 2020 · You can become a distributor today by signing up on our website. After registering on the website, you are required to make a purchase of products worth a minimum of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira only) and you get to choose your desired products and quantity from our varieties of products brand available Frankenstein and S/o student. Knowing that he was wrong, that he shouldn't and that it's against the rules yet he can't help himself. You were one of his best students in the whole institute; without any blemish on your academic record, more than excellent grades and always the highest, good at sports and someone who liked to do internships in her office Translation - Dotsuitare Hompo Osaka Division drama track - aikata back again (Partner's back again) Sasara: I'm back~ Tho no one's here to greet me back. Cigarette, cigarette right, I'm off smoking, so candies instead. Ah, found it. Nothing beats a candy when you need to have something in your mouth. *door bell rings* hypmic, hypnosis mic, ichiro yamada, jiro yamada, saburo yamada, buster bros. Hypnosis Mic Buster Bros Classic T-Shirt. By ramuwuda. $19.90. Tags: ichiro, ichiro 3000 countdown, ichiro 3000, baseball, ichiro countdown. Ichiro 3000 Shirt - Ichiro 3000 Countdown Shirt Classic T-Shirt. By tshirtwaffle

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  1. name/alias: Wilde Age: 24 Pronouns: they/them ! ooc contact: @edensballad on Twitter, gentaroyumeno on Tumblr character name: Ichiro Yamada Age: 19 Pronouns: He/Him Series: Hypnosis Mic canon point:..
  2. Nurude Sasara (95) Yamada Ichiro (87) Yamada Saburo (82) Tsutsujimori Rosho (81) Yamada Jiro (Hypnosis Mic) (72) Aohitsugi Samatoki (61) Jinguji Jakurai (59) Amemura Ramuda (56) Yumeno Gentaro (54) Include Relationships Nurude Sasara/Tsutsujimori Rosho (24) Amayado Rei/Nurude Sasara (16) Aohitsugi Samatoki/Yamada Ichiro (14) Amaguni Hitoya.
  3. Sasara had joined up with Samatoki's - and by extension, Ichiro's - previous group Mad Comic Dialogue. Then they split up just as suddenly and Samatoki and Ichiro came together with Kujaku Posse to create The Dirty Dawg. Sasara justwent off the map, at that point
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  5. Peter Susan Lucy Edmund Love Fight Mother Father Friendship Brave Bold Hero. Malaya is a normal girl or so she thinks until it is she finds out whom she really is and her father and mother-whom she prosumed dead--really are. She finds love and friendship- the kind that could never be replaced or destroyed
  6. d when you talk about them with me because there are certain things i'm uncomfortable talking about when it comes to them. ;u; this acc should be mostly about hypmic, but i've been super into genshin and twst.
  7. hypmic: sasara, samatoki, jiro, doppo. Star; before you follow: this account is leak-free but not spoiler-free. i won't follow back if you're under 18 or if your age isn't on your profile, sorry! i go through periods of inactivity sometimes bc life. don't follow if

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  1. Age. 24 Birthday. Feb.14 Zodiac. Aquarius Nationality. Japanese Ethnicity. Japanese Sex.Male Gender.Male canon but is rather some notes from my rewrite of the plot done with a friend as I haven't enjoyed the direction that HypMic has taken in some places. Sasara was a member of the yakuza during his time with Samatoki. When he quit.
  2. the age difference doesn't actually change that many things in your relationship because Sasara never acts his age anyways if anything, you end up acting like the older one most of the time Sasara will surprise you though and sometimes will mention the mortgage on the house or the finances for his comedy caree
  3. mun meme rambles gurren lagann rossiu adai why he age like milk. Miss Hideyoshi's turn (finally) with more explanations of her powers I guess.
  4. 08.03.2020 - Erkunde Aoyanagis Pinnwand HypMic auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu anime, anime jungs, süßer anime junge
  5. HypMic Info 81 Posts. @hypmic-info stats 29. Notes per post in average. 0. Of uploaded posts are photos. 0. Of uploaded posts are videos. 100%. Of uploaded posts are texts. 0. Of uploaded posts are gifs. 0. Of uploaded posts are audio. hypmic-info. 05.08.2020 - 5 monts ago
  6. ⠀⠀⠀envy ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀jyuto iruma⠀⠀⠀⠀ jiro yamada from left to right, these three are the most important characters ever to me :D they all make me so happy and I don't know how I'd be without them (especially envy..he's the first ever character that I've felt connected to) I post about at least one of them daily + self ship with them :
  7. hypmic-fic-time. 23.12.2020 - 1 mont ago. A night together. Jyushi x Jiro. Jiro stood outside of Jyushi's room, he couldn't believe he was gonna try this after what he did out there. He took a deep breath and nervously knocked on the door, he considered running away but decided against it as the door opened slowly..

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names : mi kyong & nao shimizu ages: 24 & 18 affliations: curse technical college ever since her birth mi kyong would have a curse bound to her very soul , her very birth was so troublesome neither of her parents saw her anything else but a burden. that said curse would grow and cultivate into something greater , a protector of sorts , strangely enough that curse never wished to kill innocents. After many years and a career change, he has found the path in life he wishes to pursue; helping younger generations pursue their own dreams. Eventually, he reunited with Sasara and, along with the mysterious Rei Amayado, formed the rap team Dotsuitare Hompo. Together, the three of them represent the Osaka Division in the Division Rap Battle Priv. High Sel. Ramuda Amemura of HypMic Fashioned by Akira. Age. 24 Birthday. Feb.14 Zodiac. Aquarius Nationality. Japanese Ethnicity. Japanese Sex.Male Gender.Male avoiding him. But he would play along for the time being. No matter if it was the Sasara from his time or another,. Pin ini ditemukan oleh TokyoTv. Temukan (dan simpan!) pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest I'm new to HypMic, by the way. by shsl_fangirl_ in HypnosisMic. [-] dusk-force. 1 point. 2 points. 3 points. 7 months ago. (0 children) hey, first off i wanna say i'm so sorry that happened. i know a lot of fans headcanon hifumi as gay because of his relationship with doppo - and while i am a hifudo shipper - everyone is entitled to their own.

Sasara, meow-ing while flopping his arms around like a bird: My gift for my homie in our HypMic Discord heueheueheeu. a particularly sexually motivated person in the first place and his sex drive was in the average range for a man his age, but he realized an unfortunate lesson.. 2019 Nov 20 - See Tweets about #hpmyプラス on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation 2. Ive been. Mostly writing Ichiro in a hypmic rp server the past few months bc the hypmic rp scene on tumblr is nonexistent . 3. Ichiro is still very much a strong muse for me so ill try to be around and finally update some stuff bc a lot of things on this blog are sooo outdated anarchy in its purest form Sasara's heave-ho (yokkoi shoichi) is a pun, I can't make it into words. It sounds a lot like Yokoi Shoichi, an Imperial Army sergeant from the second world war, and he elongates the words just to be accompanied by a random name with feudal title, Maru no Sukezaemon

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @hypnomicimagines about Tsutsujimori Rosho x Reader. Discover more posts about Tsutsujimori Rosho x Reader Sasara: Would actually make a fine businessman or conmanif he weren't so committed to being a comedian. (See DH & BAT ch. 11 pt. 2, where he plots stuff at the end.) Once did a customer service job to pay the bills. Was not a call centre person. (from this post) Rosho: Likes shonen manga because it tells people to never give up Mar 31, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Deja Stokes. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest

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hypmic youtubers au. because why not. MCD+NB's era was during the time Vine was a big thing and they disbanded around the time Vine died. Ichiro and Samatoki got somehow recruited to join the Kujaku Posse youtube channel and that's how TDD formed (only to disband like a year later, but for a hot second they were one of The Biggest Channels On Yotube (tm). what a dubious honor cApparition • 5 months ago • #90715486 I'm still praying that maybe Orange Route will give us something lol, I still need more figures of them haha and yeah so sad the speakers don't get any love :( YEAH that's what I mean! Jakurai was so unusual angry, while in the manga he kind of tried to approach Ramuda about that topic calmly and also seemed to worry about him foulserpent:. me: [typing post that says 'i just remembered i never beat off'] me, internal: watch out!you say 'beat off' here to mean completing a playthrough of 'off', the 2008 rpg video game by mortis ghost. however, the phrase 'beat off' is also euphemism for masturbation! without context, it would appear you were talking about masturbating Apr 08, 2021 · @hayatiiiiin 恵実はちょっと筋肉意識してたりしてるんですか?. w Their leader is Kuko Harai. Kuko Harai (MC name Evil Monk) is a heir of Buddhist temple, former member of Naughty Busters, and the current leader of Bad Ass Temple. wikipedia. Facebook gives people the power to share Speed 6 Hello I am Moonsnowrose but you can call me Rai-chan. I cosplay, do some random designs, play RPG games and do lots of Random things. Will post stuff from my obsessions in this blog

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Gekrepten is a fanfiction author that has written 49 stories for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, Big Hero 6, Haikyu/ハイキュー, Tiger & Bunny/タイガー&バニー, Ace of Diamond/ダイヤのA, Mr. Osomatsu/おそ松さん, Ōkiku Furikabutte/Big Windup!/おおきく振りかぶって, My Hero Academia/僕のヒーロー. Hello ! Bonjour! I am Auriane! I am French ! ~Animes/Manga/Games that I Love: Touken ranbu (Yamanbagiri <3), All Tales Of~ (Symphonia <3), Tsukiuta/Tsukipro the animation, Owari no Seraph, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Magi, K project, My hero academia, Diabolik Lovers (Subaru Sakamaki <3), Hypnosis Microphone (Doppo Kannonzaka) , and many others~ When I make a quiz, I use Wordreference and my english. Lmao emoji Lmao emoj Sasara - He's a lesbian. Roshou - Okay, I can dig this one. Again, I feel like it's because there's so much else going on to his immediate left, but it's simple and fairly elegant. This is his Grindr profile picture when he made an account after Dotsuitare Hompo broke up for the first time

ogata hyakunosuke golden kamuy golden kamui doctor doom marvel morrigan dragon age dragon age ryuji sakamoto captain kidd persona 5 sebek zigvolt Mail; Embed; Permalink O~Osaka dreamin' night! dotsuitare honpo dotsuitare hompo sasara nurude rosho tsutsujimori rei amayado hypmic hypnosis mic hypnosis microphone hypmic fanart osaka. Kuko harai - aqrl.kmvero.it Kuko hara Lost in the Haze