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  1. Klaus, of Top Hydraulics, Inc. shows you how to manually emergency close, and open the convertible hardtop on the BMW E93 3-series Cabriolet. This is a big.
  2. Manually open a convertible top. Jump to Latest Follow There's a micro switch mounted to the car body in the front right of the convertible top compartment. If the switch isn't closed your convertible top control system thinks the cover is open all the time and that the top operation is out of sequence. // 2006 BMW 330i Sport 6MT.

The power top on my e46 2002 BMW 325ci has a broken wire and won't open or close when you push the buttons. This video shows how you can open your convertibl.. ***Before trying this, make sure that the luggage compartment lever in the trunk is set to the correct position. The luggage compartment lever is the most co.. You should not open the top manually, because you cannot then lock the convertible top storate compartment cover. The manual operation is intended for emergency closing only, as stated in the below instructions. If you want to open the roof, it will need to be repaired frist, otherwise you will have probelm with the top cover opening while driving

How to open an operate the BMW Z4 Roadster convertible top manually. Includes showing the release in the trunk SOURCE: e36 BMW convertible top operating it manually ev3rthesame's solution on 6/22/09 worked perfectly well, except that instead ofgo into your car, put the key into the ignition and have the convertible top button pressed up (meaning to close the top), move the key to the accessory positio and hold it for 10-12 seconds, I pressed the button downward (to open the top), then turned the key Re: e36 BMW convertible top operating it manually. Hey there, I have experienced the same problem. You need to reengage both motors if you have disengaged them pulling the lever undernearth the rear driverside seat. Make sure to put the black lever back under the seat to the position before pulling on it. You should have the top in the down. If the convertible top is not fully opened or closed, the trunk lid cannot be opened and the windows cannot be moved. Convenient opening and closing with remote control or via door lock. Refer to pages 30 and 32. Closing manually. Only close the convertible top manually if it is absolutely necessary. Never open it manually

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I have a 1997 BMW 328i convertible.The top is automatically broken.My grandpa who owned the car tried to replace the metal rods but upholstery said that if they were replaced, they would be too strong for the canvas and rip it.So Im wondering if there is a way I can open the top and secure it in the lid, then open the lid and close the top.All of that manually?I don't have 3-4000 to spend Re: Manual opening a z4 convertible top. The direct answer is there is a z shaped tool that comes in the tool kit in your trunk. This is a hex ended key that will fit in the motor. Access the motor is also in your user Guide. In the center of roof near the rear view mirror is an access panel to motor area. pry lose the panel and access motor

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I have a 2005 BMW 645 CI convertible I went to open the top manually into the trunk I pulled the two releases then close the trunk now I cannot open the trunk anymore I've tried the manual handle insi read mor Have had a s similar problem with my 2007 650i conv, except that the top fails to function when in the down position. Yup, after a day of riding around, I get home and the top will not go up. This happened before, I raised the top manually (not easy to do) and the dealer adjusted the angle sensor; now it's happened again Close the trunk. Push the switch to close the top (forward) and hold it down. Insert the key and turn it two clicks (accessory). After about 10 - 15 seconds you will hear the tonneau cover close and then open and the top closes. Let it cycle through and you are done 1999 328I full automatic Convertible. The top has been manually put up and then down. I have followed the instructions - Answered by a verified BMW Mechani

BMW 3 Series Manual Tops. 318i 320i, 325i, M3, 1986-93. Convertible Top and Convertible Top Parts. These include Model E30 convertibles: 325i, 320i and 318i and M3 with MANUAL TOPS; Power top frame tops are on a separate page. BMW Convertible Top Key Features: Quality: Made to BMW specs, 100% fit guarantee BMW convertible cars offer manual and automatic options for closing the convertible top. BMW convertible tops include an array of moving parts and a motor, which can fail as a result of issues such as part failure or disconnected wires. Owners benefit from learning how to manually close the top in order to secure the. manually open the convertible top on a 1999 volvo c70. Jul 13, 2014 | 1999 BMW 323 Series. 0 Answers BMW 328IC E36 Instructions for opening and closing full auto convertible top manually. It is a cumbersome Process but it works. With Top up and closedto put it down. 1. Open trunk and disengage both top motors. * 2. Lower driver and passenger door windows half way or so, 3. Sit in front seat..

Manually open a convertible top. Jump to Latest Follow In the top part of your convertible top between the frame bows and the outside skin theres a set of straps that connect some of the frame bows together to help the top make a better accordian fold when the back part lifts up to let the storage compartment lid open. A forum community. 2.1m members in the howto community. How To and DIY for redditors! /r/Howt

E46 BMW. E46 Convertible. Need to open convertible top manually. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of this month's Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. R. RickT413 · Registered. Joined Jul 23, 2016 · 5 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 23, 2016. Report. sshanny answered 13 years ago. you will fine a a release lever under the rear seat. There is also a disengage release on the motor in the trunk. Once those are tripped you can manually raise and lower the top. You should be able to source an owners manual at the BMW dealer. 2 people found this helpful NHTSA called for 40,000 BMW 1 Series recall | how to open bmw 1 series convertible boot manually The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) called for over 40,000 BMW 1 Series recall in the U.S. to avoid a fire hazard caused by their flaw connectors. The recall is said to cover 41,918 BMW 1 Series models built between 2008 and 2012 Press Open switch Windows are lowered Convertible top is unlocked at scuttle I won't know that it would or wouldn't damage anything but you've followed BMW instruction which in the event of a problem with the roof you have that option but it's again a BMW way by removing the key to lower or raise the roof by removing the pressure in the.

1. First, manually open the top as described above (the motors must first be disengaged - so if the red hadle hasn't been pulled, now is the time to do so). Place the top back into its storage bin, and then close the lid of the bin as far as it will go. 2. Open the trunk so you can get access to the motors Okay, unfortunately BMW did not build in an easy manual release to this hard top convertible like they used to have in their soft top convertible. To manually close or open this top requres many BMW special tools (sort of a bad design in my eyes) A used BMW Z3 is a pre-owned vehicle originally manufactured by Bavarian Motor Works. The Z3 is available as a convertible. Other features may vary depending on the customization of the specific car The top needs to be fully closed to prevent water from entering the vehicle during wet weather. If the top does not close all the way using the automatic controls, it must be manually reset. The E46 should be at a complete stop when the convertible top is being opened or closed in order to prevent the mechanism from becoming damaged In the luggage compartment on the left-hand side below the convertible top compartment floor, pull out the plastic ring attached to a Bowden cable as far as it will go. With a 90-degree turn, lock the plastic handle in this position. In the hydraulic unit, a short circuit is enabled, making it possible to open and close the folding top by hand

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  1. Only operate the convertible top manually when closing it. Never open it manually since the convertible top compartment lid cannot be locked, and would open while you are driving. Manual closing is best carried out by two persons from outside with the driver's door open and the driver's seat folded forward. No one is to be i
  2. Convertible Tops - 10 S5 - Identified as Trunk Lid Microswitch in the ETM (Not Adjustable) • Located on Trunk Lock. Prevents convertible top operation when trunk is open. • S5 is also used on fully manual top. It provides a ground for the convertible top stor-age lid lock motor. This is a unique component only found on the manual top syste
  3. The convertible top won't go down. Hi. There is an emergency release lever under the back seat of your car. It disengages the motor from the tonneau cover so you can put the top up manually if need be. If the level has gotten pulled, you can re-engage the motors inside the trunk. Do this by pushing the pin on the side of the motor until you see.

This video shows you how to manually raise or lower the convertible top on your Porsche Boxster 986.101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster book:https://amzn.t.. In this guide, we will show you how to manually operate the convertible top on a Chrysler Crossfire. If your hydraulic system has failed and is no longer working, you can manually open and close the top. What you will need. Convertible Top Tool A2088990080; Procedure. Park your Crossfire on level ground and set the parking brakes BMW Convertible Hard Top 1 Answer. My Hardtop on my BMW Convertible 328i had to be manually closed by the dealer because on of motors failed while it was open. However, the computer tells me the 'Hard Top Not Locked therefore my win.. Automatic convertible top won't open? Is there a way to disengage it and open manually or troubleshoot the problem and fix it? Check all your fuses there must have been a cut fuse that is not enabling power to reach it.Rate this 1999 BMW Z


SOURCE: how to adjust halogen headlights on bmw z4. The adjustment screws/nuts should be located either on the top of the headlamp assembly, behind the headlamp assembly, or near the frame rail by the radiator support. You will have vertical adjustment screws for each independent beam (separate highs and separate lows, but will be same screw if. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. My Hardtop on my BMW Convertible 328i had to be manually closed by the. dealer because on of motors failed while it was open. However, the computer. tells me the 'Hard Top Not Locked therefore my windows will not operate with. the computer thinking the hard-top is not locked

How open hart top manually - Asked by Jose Jul 10, 2015 at 03:53 AM about the 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class SLK 350. Question type: Maintenance & Repai Asked by LBHDude203 Oct 01, 2016 at 09:42 PM about the 2013 BMW 1 Series 128i Convertible RWD. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. My 128i was on blocks for six months with the battery disconnected. Now that I want to reconnect the battery, how do I open the trunk We can also special order your BMW convertible top parts if we currently do not carry them. Over 101 parts found for BMW Convertible Top Parts. Note parts in this listing may not fit your selected vehicle or you may have no vehicle selected. To be certain you are buying the correct parts for your car please use the vehicle selector above to. And down on the dash, under the ash tray, instead of the 2 buttons I've seen on some e46s, there's only *one* button for the top, and it just lowers the windows about 1/4. Now I know it's not uncommon for old convertible mechanisms to fail, and due to the cost of repair, people just go manual View, print and download for free: BMW 328I CONVERTIBLE 1999 E36 Convertible Tops Manual, 36 Pages, PDF Size: 1.35 MB. Search in BMW 328I CONVERTIBLE 1999 E36 Convertible Tops Manual online. CarManualsOnline.info is the largest online database of car user manuals. BMW 328I CONVERTIBLE 1999 E36 Convertible Tops Manual PDF Download. Convertible Tops - 2

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The BMW Repair Guide strongly recommends replacing your original plastic convertible top latch gear with an updated metal version. We sell them in our parts section below for your convenience. Please note that if the BMW E46 convertible top latch gear fails with the top raised, the roof will not be able to be loweredeven manually 90 BMW 325 Workshop, Owners, Service and Repair Manuals. We have 90 BMW 325 manuals covering a total of 47 years of production. In the table below you can see 3 325 Workshop Manuals,0 325 Owners Manuals and 1 Miscellaneous BMW 325 downloads. Our most popular manual is the 1999-06--BMW--325xi AWD--6 Cylinders 2.5L MFI DOHC--32750501 I was showing my 328i convertible 1997 model today and was asked to operate the convertible. the deck lid opened and the top started to retract,(its a manual convertible with the lever above rear view) and the top tucked all the way in but the deck lid failed to close, then I tried putting the convertible top back up and no operations, I clouldnt hear the motors, & it didnt blow the 30 amp fuse How to Manually Open BMW Convertible Top. 2 points. 0 comments. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 86% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 3 other communities. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think What's not mentioned in Bentleys or the BMW manual: Once you retrieve the Allen wrench from under the rear seat, you move up to the windshield area and use it there. Pry off the plastic hole cover; try it from both front and back, one will make it come out easy, the other will potentially break it. Insert the allen wrench into the lock and turn the wrench as depicted to release the top from.

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How to Manually Open BMW Convertible Top E36 Manual Top Conversion: In Depth + Parts! HOW TO MANUALLY REMOVE THE TOP OF BMW CONVERTIBLEBMW Convertible top retiming or reprogramming easy no tool procedure BMW E46 Convertible Soft Top Not Working Fix E36 Auto to Manual Convertible Top Swap E36 Full Manual Convertible Top Mechanis Open BMW trunk manually with key blade. 2. Open BMW trunk manually (from inside) 3. Charge the car battery. 4. BMW valet switch on/off. Having an automatic tailgate to your BMW adds some real convenience. But, depending on your usage, it might cause a few headaches, too Perhaps the information you got on another forum wasn't clear. You can change your automatic top to a manual top but you cannot convert an auto to a manual. The mechanics of the closing mechanism at the windshield aren't even close to being the same. I suggest you visit Realoem.com and look at the microfiche of the two tops to see what I mean

How to manually open soft top Started by Frostyfx, July 8, 2016. 14 posts in this topic. Frostyfx 0 Regular Members; 0 15 posts; Location: Edmonton · #1. Posted July 8, 2016 · Report post. Hello, Am I ever in a bind! I put the soft top up without the roof rails! Now the top is stuck half way and will not open or close Don't open the convertible top if the top is wet. Make sure the fabric is dry before lowering it into the storage compartment. Do not operate the convertible top if the temperate is below 0°F (-18°C). Do not operate the convertible top while moving. Even if your soft top or hard top can go up and down when the vehicle is moving, don't do it Open convertible top. Open convertible top compartment lid manually with wrench and tighten down screws for rear locking elements. Tighten down screws for front locking elements. Add final details to vehicle. RA Emergency closing hardtop. BMW AG - TIS. 12.02.2013 12:3 Convertible Top Repair - Flap Motor Replacement Opening a BMW E46 Convertible Top With Broken Latch Motor BMW Convertible Soft Top Pump Fluid Fill and Check E46 3-series Bmw Convertible Top Repair Manual BMW 3 E46 Repair manuals English 1.2 MB BODY: Convertible Top Model: E46 Convertible Production Date: 01/00 After completing this module, you.

So when I went to put the top up, it would go half way up then get stuck in the midway position with the back deck lid in the open position. To get the top to close, I would have to shut the car off and lock the doors. Once I locked the doors the hydraulic arms on the deck lid would free up so I could close it manually A great product that allows you to remotely open and close your BMW Soft-Top / Hard-Top Convertible from your factory BMW key remote. Once installed behind the scenes this system will give you that much needed remote operation of your windows and remotes Overrideto manually open the convertible top on a 2002 e46 BMW 325ci Convertible Top Manual Override How to override a faulty relay or other sensor to manually close or open the convertible top when the button on the dash does not work. Porsche Convertible Top

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BMW Z4M Manual Convertible Opening 2003-2008 BMW Z4 Emergency Top Operation (manual override) BMW Roof Lock Motor Removal and Fix for Convertible or Roadster - Z4 bmw-z4-manual-softtop-fix BMW Z4 convertible top does not work! BMW Z4 Roof / Hood Stopped working / Faulty - How to open the roof (Part 1) BMW Z The Z4 has a super-fast soft top cabriolet which opens in ten seconds and a surprising amount of boot space, the BMW Z4 E85 offers something for all convertible lovers. In this blog we will share all you need to know about the BMW Z4 E85 including common faults, best bits and the important maintenance measures to be taken to keep the cabin dry.

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The panoramic moonroof can be operated via the key fob or in car controls. If you press and hold the unlock button on the key fob, the moonroof and side windows will open automatically. From. Make sure the top is all the way up or down. Cycle it completely to be sure. If it is not, the trunk won't open.. It turns out that the convertible roof was what was causing Mills' problem. My convertible top is retracted. The boot release only unlocks the passenger side. I can't find the mechanism on the driver's side to manually open the boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Popular Answer. Priddy1645 on July 13, 2016. There is a switch that is mounted on the frame of the convertible top on the left side near the rear passenger side headrest. If you bump, jiggle or wiggle this area it will then operate the top. There was a service bulletin that says to remove the switch and oval out the holes to correct the issue With the system fully open, whilst an airy ride to your nearest convertible roof specialist, it is important that a qualified technician manually closes the roof system and diagnoses the fault. Do not be tempted to force or manually strain the roof system as this can lead to additional parts that can be broken unnecessarily To unlock the glove box in most BMWs, you simply insert your key into the center lock cylinder on the glove box cover. On the X5 sport utility vehicle (SUV) and X6, however, things are a little trickier. These BMW models have a sort of James Bond glove compartment with clamshell doors that fold open with the push of a. 1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK230. The control to drop the roof flashes but the roof doesn't open. I want to manually open this up and try retrace where the problem lies. Typically if the control to open and close the convertible top is flashing; you are not satisfying your trunk switch (which is controlled by the pull screen in your trunk, the switch.

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Convertible Roof Problem Brand: BMW Models: Z4 E89. September 16th, 2016. bmw z4 e89 convertible roof. Symptoms. The customer complaint is that the convertible roof has either got stuck, or is not opening all the way. Possible fault codes logged. • A690 microswitch, rear-end module closed, left. • A692 microswitch, rear-end module closed. There should be adequate tension on the locking mechanism for the roof to make a perfect seal against the top of the windscreen. If it's too loose you may find water gets through. You may of course find it's too tight and difficult to open/release the latches. Both of my Z3's have.. The Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class is a former series of mid-size or entry-level luxury coupés and convertibles produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1997 and 2010., Lowering the top of a Mercedes convertible is easy Mercedes Interactive Owners Manual; How to Open the Convertible Roof on a Volvo C70. BMW Convertible Top Scheduled to start deliveries late this fall, the second-gen BMW 2er Coupe may be joined by the G43 if BMW can actually make a case for yet another convertible model. Digitally imagined by Theo.

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1996-2002 BMW Z3 CONVERTIBLE TOP- Fits Z3 and M Roadster. Repair your old, worn convertible top with a new BMW Z3 soft top replacement in the original high-quality Haartz Twillfast II material. You may also select the Haartz Stayfast topping material as a lower-cost alternative We specialise in solving BMW E93 convertible roof repairs. The BMW E93 hard top folding cabriolet roof was one of the best selling convertibles produced by BMW and launched in early 2007. BMW took a massive leap of faith by replacing the fourth generation 3 series cabriolet with a new three-piece hard top folding roof system

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BMW Convertible TopAdjustment and RepairWayne R. Dempsey. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series. The book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts If the top module detects that the deck lid has raised cleared the latches (there are micro switches in there) the pump continues to build pressure and raise the top. If the switches do not indicate the deck has cleared the latches, pump shut down. Note -Fluid in these cars never gets 'used' and only a leak in the system will reduce fluid

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1996-2002 BMW Z3/M Roadster Convertible Top Installation Guide 2 Once the screws have been removed, detach the header rail. Find a dry, comfortable working environment where youu have space to place and organize items to be removed that are to be reinstalled later in the process. Retract the frame to the open position as shown and begin. 2) Access the rear locks from the trunk - they are located near the trunk hinges. Using the 10-mm open wrench end of the soft top tool, move the levers (marked in red) UP. Lift up the rear bow (rear window section). 3) Unlock both tonneau cover locks with the 10-mm open wrench of your soft top tool This new high-performance M4 Convertible is all about sporty flair, with its coupe-like silhouette, elegant interior, and reinforced lightweight top. Beyond a matter of form. The frameless kidney grille and distinctive headlights elevate the visual impact, while the sculpted hood and open-top design shed a new light on this sports convertible. I have a 2009 convertible that has similar issue but the sunroof wont open but once it is manually opened I can operate the hydraulic portion. I'm my case i have replaced the convertible top control module and that didn't work, replaced the sunroof module which didn't work either

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The BMW E85 convertible microswitch is located on the back wall of your trunk within a plastic structure called the center mount. The microswitch is a fail safe mechanism that immobilizes your convertible top if the stowage base (storage shelf) in the trunk is in the up position. In other words, the trunk stowage shelf must be. First, follow the listed instructions and open the valve on the pump, unlock the cylinders (by pulling and rotating those two knobs in the trunk) and then unlock the top at the windshield. Also, place the straps on the hinges, just as indicated, and pull them to pop the cover open at its rear edge. So far, this is all the same as the closing.