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  1. Tú vs. Usted. The translations of Have a nice day! given above are informal (tú) forms.If you're talking to someone older than you or someone to whom you want to show respect (a customer, for example), you should use the following usted forms: ¡Que tenga un buen día! ¡Que le vaya bien!; Singular vs. Plura
  2. We hope that after reading this article, you will know how to select the right phrase for the right circumstance or context when saying have a nice day in Spanish. Follow our site to improve your Spanish to English skills of translation, vocabulary, and grammar
  3. 2. (I hope you possess; used to address multiple people) a. espero que tengan (plural) I hope you have enough time to do all that.Espero que tengan el tiempo suficiente para hacer todo eso. 3. (I hope you experience; used to address one person) a. espero que tengas. A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal tú by their.

Interestingly the phrase 'Have a nice day' is very common. I think it may have been an import from the US. To my ears Have a good day sounds as though they really mean it more than Have a nice day which they learned at charm school. Not sure whether any of the proposed translations have that distinction. - mdewey Jul 29 '16 at 8:3 I hope to hear from you again soon, take care! 6. Que te vaya bien - Have a good day. In Spanish, que te vaya bien is a polite and caring way to say goodbye to people. This expression can be used both in formal and casual situations The word cumpleaños. The world cumpleaños is a compound word in Spanish, just as is the English word birthday.However, when we break them down in the most literal sense, the two words are not the same. The Spanish word cumpleaños is made up of the words cumple and años.Cumple is a form of the verb cumplir, for which the closest English translation is to turn as in, I'm turning 24 this. We know that this phrase only differs by one word, but it somehow sounds a bit more formal than I hope this finds you well.. 3. I hope you are having a productive day.. If you feel that asking about the recipient's health is a little too personal, you may want to avoid asking about it altogether

It's a little off. Emails are meant to be about brevity, professionalism and getting to the point. That's meant well but so not professional. Go through the emails you've received and you'll find endings that are brief and appropriate. Many will e.. If you do, the person you say it to will be puzzled and confused. It's like saying Hello, good bye. In a more formal context, you can say j'espère que vous passerez une bonne journée, for example when talking to a customer. This literally translates to I hope you have a nice day You also could say que tengas un lindo día (kay tehn-GAHS boo-EHN DEE-ah), which means have a nice day. This phrase is typically used more casually. In more formal settings, you might use que tenga buen día (kay tehn-GAH boo-EHN DEE-ah), which means I hope you have a good day However, it's more informal. You can use this when saying Bye to someone you know. It can mean that you are going to see them soon during the same day, or that you want to see them as soon as possible. It's commonly used among friends. Adios, que tengas un buen dia 'Bye, and have a good day' is a fairly formal way of saying Bye

If you're looking for a less formal way to end your email, you can say Espero que tenga un buen fin de semana (I hope that you have a good weekend) or Que tenga un buen día (Have a good day) With this handy list, you'll know exactly what to say during the right occasions. For more related articles, check out the following: 50 Spanish Travel Phrases. 40 Useful Spanish Phrases. Do you have any other major life events that need a list of Spanish greetings or well wishes Have a nice day! You too. Have a nice trip/day! Have a very nice day. - grammar I hope that you have a nice day I´m still hungry, but have a nice day - grammar comma before 'too' [adverb, end position]: Have a nice day, too. - English Only forum Have a good/nice/great day - English Only forum Have a good/nice/great day/afternoon/evening in an. If you want to be scrupulously grammatical, you could write it as 'Hope you're having a great day, with the apostrophe before hope signifying a missing word or syllable—as in the original and correct spelling of the word 'bus (the vehicle that carries many passengers) , shortened from omnibus

How to Say Have a Good Day in Spanish: Que Tengas un Buen Día. Spanish is a language that seems to have a fondness for abundance. This is reflected in the many ways available to say have a good day. The first and most formal one is feliz día (literally happy day) The h is silent! 2. Buenos días — Good morning. Literally meaning good day, it can also mean good morning. Buenos días is usually used until noon. 3. Buenas tardes — Good afternoon. If you want to say good afternoon, and it's one o'clock or later in the day, you can say buenas tardes.

If You're Feeling Funny. Happy Not Monday. Hello from the other side. Here's the good news: Only [number] more days until Friday. Hope you're surviving another workweek. I hope you've had your. Use Have a great day or I hope your day goes well. @brenda_rmo24 You can use that in formal communication, but it kind of sounds a little unnatural. Use Have a great day or I hope your day goes well. See a translation. Report copyright infringement The formal version (for someone you don't know well) uses the usted form, which is the polite form of you. For this, the phrase is Ques pase buenas noches usted. Good Evening in Spanish. There's no true good evening phrase in Spanish. All afternoon, up until 7:00 or 8:00pm when it starts getting dark, you say buenas tardes. How to say Good Morning in Spanish. The Spanish word that is used to say good morning is buenos días. But being among friends, you can address them by by simply saying Hi! Note that you can use the expression buenos días when you enter a place and also when you leave, as a way to express the person or group of people have a good day

04 Hasta mañana.. When translated literally, hasta mañana means see you tomorrow, but native Spanish speakers use it informally to mean have a good day.. 05 No wild parties while I'm gone, mister!. When you are leaving your friend or relative, this is a playful way to wish them a great day Use descansa (days-CAHN-sah) at the end of the evening. The word descansa is taken from the verb descansar, and basically means rest.In casual situations, you can say this as a way to say goodnight, especially if it's late and everyone is headed home for bed. If you're saying farewell to a group of people, say (vosotros) descansad or (ustedes) descansen, depending on your level of. Whether you're writing an email to a Spanish-speaking friend or you're preparing a formal business letter, it's always useful to know which Spanish words are best to use. Spanish language. (Good luck on your first day of work!) La mejor de las suertes. (The best of luck.) This is also a pretty standard expression, and one that you might hear many times during the course of a week when you are in a Spanish-speaking country. Que tengas buena suerte. (May you have good luck.) This construction is a bit more formal Have a good one! I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come. I wish you all the best on your special day! Spanish: Le deseo lo mejor en su día especial. Formal and Informal Email Phrases - from Greetings to Closing Phrases! October 28, 2013

Greetings. Saying hello is as simple as mālō in an informal setting. The more formal ways to say this are: Hello (polite). Hello. And to say goodbye, you can say fā 2, or: See you later. See you tomorrow. The word manuia is used to wish somebody well with anything at all, and can be used to say goodbye as well In Spanish, we talk in a formal way by using the 3rd singular or plural person pronoun or . Unlike in Latin America, people in Spain only use usted in special occasions, such as meeting a big boss or an elderly person. However, people I hope you have a good day ¡Qué (te) vaya bien!. = Have a good day / weekend / night. You can use this in more formal situations to say you're available for any questions. Espero que todo vaya bien = Hope you are well. This means in Spanish, 'I hope everything goes/is going well', using the vaya - the subjunctive form of ir Check out this nice collection of happy birthday wishes in Spanish language with English translation. Congratulations on your day. I hope you have a good one! Birthday wishes in Spanish. Birthday greetings! We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family. You might also like: Birthday wishes in Frenc Whether you're looking for a job in a Spanish-speaking country or already have one, writing a formal letter in Spanish is a task that every businessperson has to tackle at one point or another. I used to have a hard time with anything formal because my work has mostly been on the creative side of things

Basic Formal and Informal Spanish greetings: list + audio There are two exclamation marks in Spanish The first thing you need to know about Spanish greetings, los saludos, is that we use two exclamation marks with different orientations when we write them, one at the beginning and another at the end of the sentence e.g. ¡Hola!Some expressions like ¡Buenos días! are only appropriate. The difference is that while hope you are doing well is a generic message, that you can say aloud or write in a letter or email, I hope this email finds you well is specifically for use in an e-mail message. This is also a good way to say hope you are doing well in formal email correspondences. It adds a nice air of gravitas. 3 For When You Need to Be Formal. I wanted to introduce myself. [Mutual contact] recommended I get in touch with you. Good morning. (or afternoon, evening) I trust this email finds you well. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I hope you're having a terrific day. (or a great week) It's wonderful to hear from you. I'm reaching out abou How to say have a good day in Filipino. have a good day. Filipino Translation. magkaroon ka ng magandang araw. Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with. Hello! (Good day!) The most common formal greeting used from morning until late afternoon, equivalent of the English Good morning and Good afternoon. Hi! Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar! ( .wav) Ahoj is the most common informal greeting used between friends. Čau is more informal than Ahoj

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Ahead makes no sense; remove it. Have a great rest of the day. Oh~I just saw a English teacher sent me this message. Oh~I just saw a English teacher sent me this message. The natural way to say it is have a good day or have a great day. Putting the word ahead does not really change the meaning The sentence structure for telling time in Spanish - Diciendo la hora. In order to tell time in Spanish in the present tense, we will always use one of the two forms of the irregular verb SER (to be): ES and SON.The form ES will only be needed for telling the time between 1:00 to 1:59, whereas SON will be used for the rest of the day Buenas tardes is used both for Good afternoon and Good evening, from after lunch or 1:00 pm up until dusk or dinner time, around about 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm. and Buenas noches. Primarily a way to say hello in Spanish in the late evening or after nightfall, starting around 8:00 pm. a greeting after nightfall or in the late evening. In french it's more natural to use the verb wish/have instead of hope. Passez une bonne journée or Je vous souhaite une bonne journé Posted March 5, 2015. Quote. So have a nice day in a work-email sticks out to me. A bit like a colleague saying: hope you have a good night's sleep when they leave at the end of the day: I mean, unless we've been discussing the topic, it's none of their business. I see

125 Have A Good Day Messages and Quotes. Here is a list of 125 have a good day messages and quotes to wish them the best day ever. #1 You've always been there for me. I hope you take this day to smell some flowers, pet some dogs, and find ways to laugh. You're always putting a smile on my face Knowing even a few Spanish phrases is really useful if you're learning Spanish or planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country. Even more so if you're living in such a country. There are lots of good reasons to learn Spanish, and if you want to spend any length of time in regions where Spanish is spoken, here are some really useful Spanish words and phrases that can help you make the most.

Congratulations. Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world. Felicitaciones. Les deseamos a ambos toda la felicidad del mundo. Used when congratulating a recently-married couple. Congratulations and warm wishes to both of you on your wedding day Translation: Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blast. About Birthday Wishes In Spanish: Birthdays are definitely one of the most special events in one's life. It's actually a reminder that you reach another milestone in your life A polite phrase you use which means 'I hope you don't have any problem when you're travelling back to your city/country', is Anyway I'm afraid I have to go It was good seeing you again And you too give my regards to Peter I'll let you know about is heading off now It was a pleasure meeting you Thank you for looking after me It was my pleasure. Have a blessed day -- Paul Good, who says it may be too religious for some tastes. Yet Paul recalls an Orange Line Metro operator who used this phrase over the loudspeaker in the late 1980s, to. have a pleasant day. # wish. have a pleasurable day. # wish. have a satisfying day. # wish. have a splendid day. # wish. have a super day

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You would have done the homework before going to class - Hubieras hecho la tarea antes de ir a clase; 4. Present Perfect Subjunctive: I hope you've had a good day - Espero que hayas tenido un buen día. 5. Future Subjunctive. Durmiere más de ser posible; 6. Future Perfect Subjunctive: Hubiere descansado más el fin de seman Meaning and examples for 'I hope' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations. √ Fast and Easy to use Formal and informal language - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar This is very subjective to what message you want to send across. In a formal setting, you could say I am very well, thank you. If you'd like to inquire about the other person, you could follow that with How are you? or I hope you are well too.. In an informal setting, you could simply say I am. There is no rule to this Synonyms for I hope include hopefully, here's hoping, God willing, with luck, all being well, fingers crossed, touch wood, if all goes well, if everything turns out all right and it is to be hoped that. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com

If you're the host, you might consider dig in or eat up, though both sound distinctly southern American and very casual, and may not have exactly the same connotations. But it's a good way of wishing a good meal upon someone without leaving the table Sick of those standard email opening lines like I hope you're doing well! and Happy Monday!, yet stumped about what you should say instead? Well, we have your back. Here are 40 totally different email greetings you can use to start your message off right How to Study for AP® Spanish Language & Culture Tips. 1. Start using Spanish. This should seem like a no-brainer but year after year students enter the AP® Spanish exam worried about, yes, that's right, their Spanish.By the time you reach the AP® level in a foreign language, you have had plenty of experience with the grammar, and possibly the literature, of the language you're studying

Writing Christmas cards and emails to Spanish speaking friends is ideal practice and very rewarding. I hope that these Christmas greetings that we have learned today will help add a nice touch to your messages and that you have remembered everything else that we have been studying throughout the year In addition to my native Spanish, I have been studying English for seven years and have reached a high level. The writer uses appropriate formal language and gives good reasons for wanting the job. • I hope you will give my application consideration

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'Buongiorno' literally means 'good day' and it is used to say 'good morning' and 'good afternoon' in Italian. You can safely use it up until around 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon. 'Buongiorno' is a formal alternative to 'ciao' (but until 4 p.m.) and it is a good polite phrase to use whenever greeting a stranger or in a. If you know your contact, consider starting with something more personalized. A shared experience like a conference is always a good starting point, particularly if it's relevant to the conversation to follow. Look for common ground and start from there. 2 I hope your day has been upbeat and productive. Who doesn't want an upbeat. 13.) You are beautiful, and that completes me. 14.) Half of the day is over; have a marvelous afternoon and enjoy the rest of the day! 15.) Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The day is more complete with you. 16.) Remember, every day I am wishing you the best morning, afternoon, and night Every year, I'm even more grateful to have a [brother] like you. We still remember the first time we laid eyes on you—on this day [23] years ago. You were so beautiful right from the start, and with every year, you grow even more beautiful. Hope you know how much we love you and how grateful we are to call you our [daughter]

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The morning in Spanish is la mañana, but if you want to wish someone a good morning, you must say Buenos días, which literally means 'good days' (note the plural)! The standard way to say good morning in French is bonjour. Buenos Dias! (Good day in Spanish). Mornin' mi Amigo! (male) or Mornin' mi Amiga. 5 Better Alternatives to I Hope This Email Finds You Well. Hi there! I hope you're doing well. I hope this email finds you well. I hope you're having a great week. I hope all is well. Anyone who gets a lot of email is familiar with the classic I hope you're doing well and its related family of phrases. It's the email. 6. Have a nice day dear. Your happiness is my happiness! 7. I hope you have a wonderful day. 8. Have a ridiculously awesome day, sunshine! 9. Be great for no reason. 10. You are going to be awesome today! Have a Great Day Quotes. 1. For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up - Bernie Siegel. 2. Good news equals good day. Bon voyage - Have a good journey; These can all be used either alongside or instead of another way to say goodbye in French. Good Night in French. There's one word that doesn't fit the pattern above, and that's bonne nuit. Unlike the others, bonne nuit means good night in French rather than have a good night. You can only.

Good afternoon in Russian - Добрый день (Dobryy den) Good evening in Russian - Добрый вечер (Dobryy vecher) Good night in Russian - спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi) All four of these are safe to use in any kind of interaction (formal or informal). 3. Other basic Russian phrases that you should kno In honor of Australia Day and our laid back brothers and sisters Down Under, we've put together a list of 10 Aussie expressions everyone should know. Aussie's are as relaxed about their language as they are about life, so to bring those stress levels down and absorb some of that natural chill, these 10 expressions are a must I have completed 383 consecutive days of Duolingo. Duolingo is an app that claims to have a scientific approach to learning a new language. If you are persistent, follow the instructions and complete the minimum daily activity, you will speak the language, Guarantee! Over the years, I have failed to learn Spanish Categories: Congratulations and Best Wishes Communication. If you want to know how to say Have a good day in Persian, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Persian better. Here is the translation and the Persian word for Have a good day: روز خوبی داشته باشید Edit. Have a good day in all.


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Have got and have - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar Translation to spanish: Felicitaciones; Felicidades (more formal on special occasions); Enhorabuena! (for achievements like exams or newborn). I wish you the best! Te deseo lo major! Congratulations on your wedding day! ¡Felicidades en el día de su boda! We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family

I hope you have a good day. Disfruta mucho de la playa/las montañas. I hope to see you soon. Quedo a la espera de su respuesta. I look forward to hearing from you (formal) Lo/la saluda atentamente. Sincerely. Saluda/a/an a ud. muy atentamente. Sincerely. Saludo/a/an respetuosamente Saying have a good day is more common than have a good afternoon. That's what I would say. However, both are possible. It's more common to just say good afternoon or good evening. And if it's the end of the night, then just goodnight or good night, and that can be one word or two words In a day so special like this, I wish you good luck, lot of happiness, all your wishes come true. Esperamos que pases un día muy feliz en compañía de amigos y familiares. We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family. Te deseo lo major! I wish you all the best. Que tengas salud y felicidad. May you always have health and be happ Hola is the Spanish equivalent to hello, and we're pretty sure you've already heard it many times before. The more formal way to greet someone would be buenos días (good day) in the morning, buenas tardes (good afternoon) in the afternoon and buenas noches (good night) in the evening.. Spanish speakers are generally quite relaxed when it comes to time, so don't be surprised if you.

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If you're a foreigner, chances are no one will criticize you for using the wrong form, although you may be politely corrected. Muy bien, gracias — Very well, thank you — mwee-vyenn GRAHSS-yahss. Buenos días — Good day, good morning — BWEH-nohss DEE-ahss — In some areas, a shortened form, buen día , is used The first thing you need to know is how to say hello in Spanish. Hola may be used with anyone--formal or informal. 2. Buenos días - Good morning. Greet someone a cheery nice day with this phrase. 3. Buenas tardes - Good afternoon. When you meet someone in the afternoon, this is the appropriate greeting to use. 4. Buenas noches - Good evenin So there you have it folks. 12 ways to say what's up in Spanish from around the world. I hope this is helpful. After all, my goal is and has always been to bridge the language barrier gap between native and non native Spanish speakers

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There are two types of formal email or letter you may be asked to write in the B2 First exam - a letter of application and a letter of complaint. Writing a letter of application. The first example is a letter of application. In this type of task you'll have to talk about why you're applying for the position and justify your skills 32.) I just wanted to say I hope you have a wonderful day. 33.) Start each day with a grateful heart. 34.) Today is a good day to have a good day! 35.) May your worries be light, and your joy be great. 36.) Don't forget to be awesome today! Greetings. 37.) Good morninghave an awesome day! 38.) Enjoy life; expect miracles. 39. I was delighted to receive your graduation announcement. I know that you have put in a great deal of work and effort to get to this point, and we want you to know that we are all very proud of you. Enclosed is a small gift. I hope you will get yourself something you can use and will enjoy. It comes with my best wishes for your future Suitable Hair Type: Any medium dense hair texture for male can ideally try this formal hairstyle without a doubt. Preferable Face Shape: Try this style for men with round and square face shape. Best Age Group: Men of any age group can ideally try and match this look easily. Matching Outfit: Formal shirts and pants with blazers or formal coats with a tie can be a good idea Contextual translation of i hope you have a good day into Italian. Human translations with examples: good day, buona dias, we love you, vi auguriamo, buona giornata

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Hope you have a good day ahead of you, princess. I hope you have your smile all day long and whenever you are feeling low - remember that I love you more than anything. Wish you have a lovely day, my love. New day means new desire, a new way to discover things, and a new way to overcome your fear. Hope you will take your chances and ace the. Have a good day. Say Have a good day (or Have a nice day, Have a good evening, or Have a good night) to someone that you're not very close with, like a coworker that you don't know well, an employee, a customer, or a friend of a friend. Take care. This phrase is still a little bit formal, but not quite as formal as Have a good day If you don't speak any Spanish at all, it's a good idea to at least learn a few phrases before you travel to Mexico. Many tourism industry workers in Mexico speak English, especially in popular vacation destinations, however, if you venture off the main tourist trail, it's really helpful to speak some Spanish.If you don't speak any at all, buy a good phrase book (or an app for your phone) and. Direct object pronouns are: me, te, lo, la, nos, os, los, las. Noun and direct object pronouns must agree in number (plural, singular) and gender (feminine, masculine). In order to master these pronouns those are two rules you must know. In addition, direct object pronouns replace. People - Marcos ama a Claudia I hope to have a good weekend as Kevin, my 15-year-old son, is here supporting me, so hopefully I can give him something to celebrate. Spero che per me sia un buon fine settimana dato che mio figlio Kevin, quindicenne, è qui tifare per me: spero di potergli dare un buon motivo per festeggiare

The phrase Wish you a happy weekend would only be correct with the addition of a subject to accompany the transitive verb wish. For example, we could say I wish you a happy weekend. This would be grammatically correct, although it would sound a bit formal. If we left off the subject and just starte Trying to say Have a nice day! in German is a good example of language that is culturally inappropriate—and a good illustration of how learning German (or any language) is more than learning just words and grammar. It is becoming more common in Germany to hear the phrase Schönen Tag noch! from sales people and food servers Formal Letters - Beginning and Ending • There are two ways to begin a formal letter: • Dear Sir/Madam (when you don't know the name) • Dear Mr Smith (name of person) • If you begin your letter, 'Dear Sir/Madam you must end it, 'Yours faithfully,' • If you begin your letter 'Dear Mr Smith,' you must end it, 'Yours sincerely,' • These are the rules of formal letters.