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Jewish Gifts For Every Occasion. Shop One Of The Largest Collections Worldwide The mezuzah should be placed on the right side as you enter. If you affix the mezuzah on the left side the mitzvah is invalid; and you are required to remove the mezuzah and reaffix it on the right side and [again] recite the berachah. There is no distinction in this rule whether one is left-handed or not

Four thousand, six hundred and forty-nine laws govern every aspect of writing a mezuzah. The mezuzah is written on a parchment made from the skin of a kosher animal. This does not mean that the animal has to be slaughtered according to the laws of shechitah (ritual slaughter) The Laws of a Kosher Mezuzah Written by Rabbi Yitzchak Gornish The mitzvah of mezuzah is one of the most universally known mitzvos among non-observant and observant Jews alike. It is of such importance that it is mentioned twice in the recital of the Shema prayer, which we say multiple times daily Why do we place the mezuzah on an angle? At what height should the mezuzah be placed? Can a mezuzah be affixed to the doorpost before the doorpost is placed in the house? What are the rules in deciding which side the mezuzah is placed upon? What considerations are there in a master bedroom? Should one show ones mezuzahs to a Mekubal for marital.

All you need to know about mezuzah to make walking past a mezuzah a life-changing experience. Sponsored by Michael and Karine Bloch in honor of their children Eitan Arie, Yoel Reuven and Tali Myriam. To sponsor a presentation, write to: sponsorthefuture@torahlive.com. Mezuzah 00:01:12 The laws of preparing parchment apply to all three. The Mezuzah must be written on parchment coming from the skin of a kosher animal, although the animal does not need to be ritually slaughtered. Typically, the skin of a calf or lamb is used. Often, the hide of the unborn calf found in the mother after slaughtering is used b'h'i What is the exact bracha for a mezuzah to be put on a door? is the bracha said after its nailed? At what exact point is the bracha said? What is the. Partner With Dinonline.org - Click Here Laws of Mezuzah. 05/02/2011 blessing,. Halachos and Laws of Mezuzah by Rabbi Yosef Shusterman Both men and women are obligates to have mezuzot. A person who is careful to have nice mezuzot merits to have a nice house In mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, a mezuzah is affixed to the doorpost of Jewish homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to write the words of God on the gates and doorposts of your house (Deuteronomy 6:9)

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In explaining these laws, the Gemara teaches: When a Jew rents a house to a fellow Jew, the tenant is responsible to affix the mezuzos. However, when the tenant vacates, he may not remove them. On the other hand, a Jew who rents a residence from a gentile removes the mezuzos when he leaves (Bava Metzia 102a) The laws about mezuzah including which doorways require a mezuzah, where and how to put up a mezuzah, how often and how to check them, and when you are permitted to remove them are very intricate. If you have questions about any of the laws of mezuzah email them to us at mezuzot@HaSOFER.com and we will answer you as quickly as possible The Ten Commandments of Mezuzah. The laws governing where one places a mezuzah are, indeed, complicated. The Rambam (Hilchos Mezuzah 6:1) codifies ten necessary requirements that must be fulfilled for a house or room to be obligated to have a mezuzah.. The room must have a minimum area of four amos by four amos (which is about fifty square feet). In the Rambam's opinion, it is not. Since the laws of writing a mezuzah are complex, make sure that you purchase a mezuzah only from a very trustworthy source. A beautiful mezuzah case that contains a non-kosher scroll does not fulfill any mitzvah, and does not warrant the special divine protection. A kosher mezuzah should cost $30-40. You can purchase valid scrolls online at 9 A doorway is only obligated in a mezuzah if the room has 4 by 4 amot of space. If there's not 4 by 4 square amot but there is the same amount of area, such as 2 by 8 amot, there is a dispute whether the doorway is obligated in a mezuzah

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Exceptions to the mezuzah room rule: The room into which the doorway leads must measure at least 2 square meters (6 square feet). This is equivalent to 4 square amot (plural). An amah (singular) is a standard biblical measurement that is approximately 50 centimeters (20 inches) Some Laws of the Mezuzah Followed by Modern Orthodox Jews The mezuzah text is to contain 22 lines of writing. Unlike a Torah scroll, which must be copied from another manuscript, a mezuzah may be written from memory by a scribe. If even one letter of the text is missing, the mezuzah may not be used In order for a Mezuzah to be considered kosher, it must contain a kosher mezuzah scroll. A kosher scroll is one that has been meticulously handwritten by a Sofer, or expert scribe according to halacha, or Jewish law

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CIC rules often prohibit the placing of object s on the outside of doorways. A mezuzah must be placed on the part of the doorpost that is perpendicular to the door. (See this picture as an example.) Since most doors to houses/apartments open inward, this area is generally outside of the apartment In light of the Court's ruling, ADL has issued a new publication entitled, Religious Accommodation for the Mezuzah: Your Rights Under Fair Housing Laws, which in addition to discussing accommodations under federal law covers the four state laws (Connecticut, Florida, Illinois and Texas) that specifically prohibit rules barring displays of the mezuzah and other religious symbols in outer door areas Before describing the act of affixing a mezuzah, let us examine some of its attendant laws: The Mezuzah Scroll (Klaf) The klaf must be hand-lettered by a scribe — one who is observant of halacha (Jewish law) and who qualifies for the task

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  1. The Mezuzah must be written on special, handmade parchment. If it is written on any other type of surface, it is invalid. The parchment must come from a kosher animal, such as a cow, or a goat, and must be prepared by means of specific processes. The Biblical dietary laws, are found in Leviticus 11
  2. ium and homeowners association law, immediately fired off an email to Goldberg, the condo's attorney, re
  3. The Mezuzah should be made by following all laws, traditions, and customs of the Jewish law. Some of the points you need to check about Mezuzah are the following: Mezuzah must be handwritten. It should be written by a competent scribe. The Mezuzah should be written on specially prepared parchment
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  5. I have information about everything but the theoretical issur question from Oholei Yeshurun, Vol. 2, Chapter 1: Laws of Mezuzah, by R' Aaron Felder.Please note that while R' Felder is a talented and respected Posek who cites an impressive collection of sources, his is by no means the last word on the subject. If these questions come up practically, you should consult your Rabbi
  6. ders of the commandments. The menorah (candelabrum) is the ancient universal symbol of Judaism. The Jewish star (Magen David) is a modern universal Jewish symbol. Jews wear a skullcap (yarmulke) as a pious custom. Chai, found on jewelry, is the number 18, which is a favorable number

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Some Laws of the Mezuzah The mezuzah text is to contain 22 lines of writing. Unlike a Torah scroll, which must be copied from another manuscript, a mezuzah may be written from memory by a scribe. If even one letter of. This was not a book about halachot (ritual laws) of mezuzah - there were many books on that subject - this was a book about the meaning of mezuah - its significance in Jewish history, philosophy, ethics, and mysticism. By 1996, the book was finished and I signed a contract with the leading publisher of English Judaica - Jason Aronson Here are some relevant selections from Oholei Yeshurun, Vol. 2, Chapter 1: Laws of Mezuzah, Section 1: Laws Concerning the Ownership of a Dwelling, by R' Aaron Felder.Please note that while R' Felder is a talented and respected Posek who cites an impressive collection of sources, his is by no means the last word on the subject

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  1. A kosher mezuzah is hand-written on genuine parchment, prepared from the skin of a kosher animal. A specially trained scribe, known as a sofer, carefully writes the words using special black ink and a quill pen. The letters must be written according to halacha (Jewish Law), and every letter and word must be correct
  2. No, since this violates all of the general principles above from Rambam. Likewise we have the ruling to this effect, specifically regarding mezuzah, by Rema (Rabbi Moshe Isserles), the famous Ashkenazi rabbinical authority, in his gloss on the Shulkhan Arukh (Code of Jewsh Law), section Yoreh Deah, vol. 3, chapter 291, law 2
  3. A mezuzah is a parchment scroll held in a decorative case. It is attached to the doorposts in a Jewish home. The mezuzah scroll is made from the skin of a kosher animal, usually a lamb or a goat.
  4. Touching the Mezuzah upon leaving and entering ones home: [1] There are opinions who say that when a person leaves the home, he is to place his [right] hand [i.e. middle finger] on the Mezuzah and say the verse Hashem Yishmor Tzeisi Uvoi Meyata Viad Olam/G-d will guard my leaving and returning from now and ever . Similarly, one is to place his hand on the Mezuzah upon entering the house

A mezuzah (Hebrew: doorpost) represents the dividing line between the inside of a Jewish home or business and the outside world. Each mezuzah contains a rolled kosher parchment with the Shema prayer meant to protect the inhabitants. The.. Although the prohibition of removing a Mezuzah is a severe one, one may remove a Mezuzah from a summer bungalow at the end of the summer season, if there is a chance of vandalism. There are two. The mezuzah should then be affixed to the upper third of the doorpost on the right side as one enters the house or room. If the doorpost is wide enough to permit, the mezuzah should be tilted with the upper part slanting inward toward the house or room, like this

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Mezuzah, more than most mitzvot, has superstitious elements associated with it as a segulah. The Tur (YD 285) says that the mezuzah guards the house, which the Beit Yosef explains is a clear miracle. See also the Rambam's Hilchot Tefillin u'Mezuzah 5:4. 4 The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly provides guidance in matters of halakhah for the Conserv-ative movement. The individual rabbi, however, is the authority for the interpretation and application of all matters of halakhah. הלאש Must a mezuzah be removed from or left on the doorposts when one is moving from on Some Laws of the Mezuzah Followed by Observant Jews The mezuzah text is to contain 22 lines of writing. Unlike a Torah scroll, which must be copied from another manuscript, a mezuzah may be written from memory by a scribe. If even one letter of the text is missing, the mezuzah may not be used. The mezuzah is to be affixed to entrances of all. LAWS A mezuzah is a small, unobtrusive object - typically less than six inches long and an inch wide - which for millennia has been placed on the outer doorposts of Jewish homes in fulfillment of religious obligations. A mezuzah is not a decorative choice for Jews, or a choice of any kind

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The Law is the revealed mind of God. His Will is His commandment, and His commandment is His Law. Thus, the Law is Divine since it comes from a Divine source. It is also perfect, as God Himself is perfect. God's Law supercedes all other laws. It transcends all other law, making it the Supreme Law of the entire earth Noahide World Center. In response to the spiritual and value-driven demand for the word of God to be disseminated by the nation of Israel to all of mankind, we have established Brit Olam - the Noahide World Center in Jerusalem. We are in constant contact with many people all over the world who have a strong desire to learn the words of God On the doorposts of Jewish homes a passerby can likely find a small casing like the one pictured at right. This ornament is known as a mezuzah (Hebrew, doorpost) because it is placed upon the doorposts of the house. As many people incorrectly believe, the mezuzah is not a good-luck charm nor does it have any connection with the lamb's blood placed on the doorposts in Egypt; rather, it is.

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The mezuzah (the Hebrew word for doorpost) is a small piece of parchment usually containing this line from Deuteronomy 6:4: Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. An extra-biblical Jewish tradition requires that these words be written by an approved Jewish scribe called a sofer stam There are many details to the laws of a Mezuzah. Every single letter in the Mezuzah must be properly formed. A single crack in the parchment or any omission can invalidate the entire scroll. A printed Mezuzah is invalid. For this reason it is vital that it be purchased from a reputable scribe or retailer This is the best way to write scrolls of the Law, Tephillin and Mezuzahs. If the scribe has written with fluid of the gall-oak or of caper, * Caper: flower-buds or seeds of a low shrub of Mediterranean countries, used as a condiment. since the writing stays and is not rubbed out, scrolls of the Law, Tephillin or Mezuzahs so written are fit for use The text of mezuzah and tefillin scrolls must be written in the correct order. This means that a mistaken word or letter found in a completed scroll cannot simply be erased and then rewritten correctly, for then the corrected letter/word would be considered out of order, having been written after the subsequent text of the mezuzah or tefillin is already in place

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Mezuzah - The Ultimate Connector - A comprehensive look at the laws of mezuzah presented through 3-D diagrams, videos, and stories. In addition to the Home version, a PRO version for educators is also available, complete with lesson plans, speaker notes, source sheets, a 3-D interactive wall with dozens of real life scenarios, and two. In the same way that the Tzitzit remind the wearer about God's Law, the Mezuzah is also a visual reminder and representation of the Laws of God as written in the Scriptures. The Mezuzah has great spiritual significance for the people of God because without it, the temptation to forget what God requires of them will be stronger and more people. Summary: If one mistakenly affixed the Mezuzah lower than the top third of the doorpost or if one affixed the Mezuzah to the left doorpost as opposed to the right, one must remove the Mezuzah and reaffix it in the correct place while reciting the blessing of Asher Kideshanu Be'Mitzvotav Ve'Tzivanu Likbo'a Mezuzah before doing so

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IDF rabbinate removes controversial 'Laws of Mezuzah' booklet from website. IDF apologizes for book claiming non-Jews do not have equal rights in Israel. One ruling on Jewish law in the book, Laws of the Mezuzah, states: The idea that views non-Jews as having equal rights in the state goes against the opinion of the Torah, and no. COLUMN: The Law in Real Life. by Linda Holmes, J.D. Court Upholds Condo Board's Removal of Mezuzah Despite Discriminatory Effect on Jewish Residents. Sept. 22, 2008. Lynne Bloch has lived in her Chicago condo with members of her family for more than 30 years Whoever reads the Law of Moses might immediately discern that a strong similarity exists between the laws of Moses and the ancient laws of surrounding nations living around the people of Israel. This goes to show that the laws of Moses didn't fall down from the sky but were based on existing principles and laws with which the people of Israel were already familiar. Such as: Mesopotamia's [ These passages written on the parchment paper of Jewish Mezuzah should be recited before going to bed and immediately after the person wakes up, as per the religious laws. Mezuzah Parchment Holder. The holder of Jewish Mezuzah occupies an important value in the entire formation of the symbol The Mezuzah Scroll and The Laws. A mezuzah scroll, or a klaf, must be handwritten by a kosher scribe. A kosher scribe is a religious person who is also a follower of Jewish law (halacha). This person must be qualified in order for the mezuzah scroll to be deemed holy and worthy. The mezuzah, container, can be an ordinary case

A Halacha book on MEZUZAH Full with pictures, sources and explanations. With gratitude to Hashem I am proud to inform you of the near completion of a book on the laws of mezuzah after years of work and with the help of many experts! This book has close to 100 professional pictures and is nearly 350 pages The text of a mezuzah comprises the passages of Shema Yisrael and Vehaya im shamoa.. It must be hand written, in Hebrew only, on a kosher parchment.. In the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 285a) it says, For the sin of not honoring the mezuzah, a man's son and daughters will die young, as it is written, `And you shall write them for Mezuzot upon your house.' .' And following this, it is written.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The King Who Guards the Gate: The Lomdus of the Laws of Mezuzah, Brand New, F... at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products It was the first store in the world to specialize in Mezuzahs. The goal was to offer the widest selection of decorative Mezuzah cases along with the highest standard of Kosher Mezuzah scrolls. Also to provide a convenient place for people to bring their Mezuzah scrolls and Tefillin to be checked and repaired. By 2004 eMezuzah was bit outdated The Rambam clearly maintains that one set of criteria determines whether the Mitzvah of Mezuzah applies to a place, and another set of criteria determines whether the laws of Nega'im apply to a place. Accordingly, houses in Yerushalayim require Mezuzos, even though the laws of Nega'im do not apply to them

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The King Who Guards the Gate: The Lomdus of the Laws of Mezuzah, Like New Use... at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products The Laws of an Eruv — The Judaica House. Cart 0. Shop Terms and Conditions BOOK STORE GIFT STORE THE KOSHER HOME RELIGIOUS GARMENTS SCRIBAL ARTS JudaiKIDS Center JEWISH LIFE-CYCLE NEW TITLES New Items GIFT CERTIFICATE Ketuboth CoolKippahs- Custom Orders Services Phone Rentals Custom Engraving Gold Stamping Mezuzah/Tefillin Checking Embroidery.

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Sep 12, 2012 - Explore Aviva Thaler's board Mezuzahs, followed by 432 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mezuzah, judaica, jewish mezuzah Mezuzah: Divine Protection and Blessing: The Halachos of Mezuzah. An Authoritative Guide with Pictures and Explanations. [Bressman, Rabbi Dovid Nissan] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mezuzah: Divine Protection and Blessing: The Halachos of Mezuzah. An Authoritative Guide with Pictures and Explanations

The touching of the mezuzah is also not commanded by the oral law, but is implied in some of the texts in the Talmud. Kissing the mezuzah is a relatively new custom. It is done by putting the middle finger on the word Shaddai and then kissing the finger The Mezuzah Scroll. Rabbinic law has established special regulations for the preparation of the mezuzah scroll, which are the same as the rules for the Torah scroll. The scroll cannot be printed using your computer or handwritten with a Bic ballpoint. In order to fulfill the commandment of the mezuzah, an observant Jewish scribe (called a sofer.

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The Mezuzah Needs Federal Protection. 05/06/2012 09:08 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2012. It is a fundamental requirement of Jewish law that all Jews place a mezuzah on the doorpost of their home. Jewish law actually requires that it be placed on the right side of every room in the home—excluding the bathroom. A mezuzah is a piece of parchment which. A mezuzah must be written on the parchment of a kosher animal. The parchment must have been prepared explicitly for use as a sacred object. The words must be handwritten by an expert scribe well-versed in the intricacies of the script and its laws. Even the ink and quill are custom made to meet the necessary requirements. 3. It Contains the Shem A mezuzah is a case that holds a piece of parchment that's inscribed with verses from the Torah. According to 10news.com, the law was passed in response to a dispute between a Jewish family in San Diego's Little Italy and their HOA. Reportedly, the family was instructed by their HOA to remove the mezuzah on their door What is a mezuzah, and who thought of it? Rabbi Mizrachi, convinced that mezuzot were an invention of the Oral Law declared, The written Law does not tell us what to write in the Mezuzah. Who came up with this? But when it comes to the word Mezuzah, just like the Tfilin, it's again about a verse taken out of its context This means that the scribe who writes the mezuzah, must study these laws and practice for years before he can write proper, kosher mezuzahs. Isn't the Mezuzah a kind of lucky charm? Jewish people affix Mezuzahs because it is a Mitzvah (commandment) from the Torah not in order to receive any reward

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It would seem that the same law should apply to Mezuzah and since one had in mind to re-affix the Mezuzah when originally removing it, one should not recite another blessing when re-affixing it. Nevertheless, these situations are not exactly similar, for regarding a Mezuzah, one cannot know for certain that he will re-affix it to the doorpost. Protecting Mezuzah / Mezuzos. Note: The word M ezuzah always refers to the scroll, and the case or cover is always referred to as such. Even if your Mezuzah is written properly and according to Halacha, being that it is a very delicate item it needs to be treated gently and cared for properly 5. (a) Mezuzah means the religious article designed to be affixed, according to Jewish law, to the doorposts of rooms in a home, including the parchment or other matter upon which passages from the Bible are written, and the writing thereon The Rambam concludes the laws of mezuzah with a powerful description of the mitzvah. His words include: Every time you enter and leave your home you encounter the [mezuzah which, by containing the Shema, invokes the] unity of Hakodosh Baruch Hu's name. This prompts you to remember His love for you, v'yaor mishnaso v'shgiyaso b'hevlay. VaEtchanan: The Mezuzah and Eretz Yisrael Torah from Israel's first Cheif Rabbi, iconic leader of Religious Zionism: 'One law of mezuzot is not the same in Israel and the Diaspora.

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  1. If the mezuzah contains a kosher scroll, then there are issues with it— not so much because you're non-Jewish, but rather because mezuzahs have a special sanctity to them (which is to say, they're not just a scroll in a case, and as such they must be treated respectfully), and this becomes a problem for things like going to the bathroom, getting undressed etc
  2. d. Any attempt to understand a mitzvah or the reasons for a mitzvah will fall short of complete comprehension. Indeed, there are many laws that defy any sort of explanation
  3. So where does the tradition come from to angle a mezuzah? In the Talmud, a compendium of early Jewish laws, stories and customs, the sage Yehudah quotes a saying of a first generation Babylonian Jewish scholar, an amora, who lived approximately 225 C.E.: If it is fixed in the manner of a bolt, it is invalid. Now, whatever did that mean
  4. Laws concerning daily conduct, Arba'Kanfos, Tephillin, Mezuzah, Prayer, Minyan, Reading of the law, Kaddish, Jahrzeit, Study of Sacred Books, Repentence, Charity, Talebearing, and Slander, Chalah, Preparation of food (Kashruth), Grace before and after meals, [etc.]- Vol. 2. Laws concerning forbidden food; Benedictions to be said when enjoying.

Mezuzah stones of this sort are found in Israel dating from the early Arab and perhaps even Byzantine era. The Karaites do not make the mezuzah obligatory. Nevertheless, the mezuzot that they do attach are made of a tablet of blank plate in the form of the two tablets of the law but without writing on them and they fix them to the doorways of. Mezuzah (מְזוּזֹות = posten) (mezuwzah) The Law Requiring the Children of Yisrael to wear fringes & takayleth (Tyrian Purple from a Snail) ribbon: Please read the law below carefully, some believe women are not required to wear fringes & ribbon because they follow the Jewish Tradition when it comes to this law, but if you read. Although a few states have enacted laws specifically protecting condo residents' rights to put up mezuzah's (see this earlier post), the laws in many other states are not as clear. The most recent case involves Barbara Cadranel, who currently resides in the California Condominiums in Stratford, Connecticut The Laws of a Kosher Mezuzah. The mitzvah of mezuzah is one of the most universally known mitzvos among non-observant and observant Jews alike. The actual mitzvah of mezuzah is to write the first two chapters of the Shema on a kosher parchment scroll and attach it to the doorpost of one's home The presence of a mezuzah on the doorpost of a house is a testimony that this is the dwelling place of YEHOVAH's people Israel who love and honor YEHOVAH God and are dedicated to His service.As Joshua boldly declared, in preparation for leading the children of Israel into the Promised Land, As for me and my household we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 24:15

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  1. Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice. The case of a Connecticut woman who's being fined for affixing a mezuzah to her condo's doorframe pits the First Amendment's guarantee of.
  2. The Jewish News of Northern California via JTA) — A bill to ensure the right of Californians bill to hang mezuzahs on their door frames is moving through the state legislature, and is on its way.
  3. The mezuzah contains. 22 lines. 170 words. 713 letters. There are l 4649 laws of how to write the mezuzah. If even one of the 713 letters in a mezuzah is missing or shaped incorrectly, the mezuzah is rendered invalid, the mitzva is unfulfilled, an
  4. The Sofer Center is located in the heart of Monsey, NY and has earned a reputation for its high checking standards and quality products. We carry a large inventory of Mezuzos and Mezuzah Covers in varying price points. . YouTube. The Sofer Center / Rabbi Kass. 65 subscribers
  5. Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law on July 30. A bill to enshrine the right of Californians to hang mezuzahs on their doorframes is moving through the state Legislature and is on its way to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom. SB 652 bars landlords and condo associations from prohibiting the display [

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  1. d Jews of their obligations toward God. The parchment is placed in a metal, wooden, or glass case so that the word Shaddai (Almighty) can usually be.
  2. ium association allowed Christmas wreaths this past Christmas, but now refuses to allow Ms. Richter to erect a small mezuzah on her doorpost
  3. The value of the mezuzah is not so much in the beautiful, decorative box in which it is usually encased, the rabbi said. Rather, the value is the scrolls inside, which must be handwritten by a.
  4. Inside the mezuzah case is a parchment scroll on which is inscribed two Torah passages. Over 4000 Torah laws and specifications govern details of the parchment, the writing and even the manner in which the scroll is folded and placed inside the mezuzah case before it is affixed to the door post. Kosher Certificat
  5. The Mezuzah itself is an ancient and extremely complex object. There are no less than four thousand, six hundred and forty-nine laws governing the preparation of the Mezuzah. Such a special document deserves a special case, and we carry over one hundred beautiful designs to choose from. You can read more about our full range of mezuzah cases here
  6. der of the 613 laws in the old testament Stone-made mezuzah on the old House Door.Israel. A mezuzah (doorpost) is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with specifie

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the laws relating to mezuzah and kimah v 'hiddur stems from a subjective assessment of the beit ha 'merchatz as a place devoid of honor. The other, that limits activities of kedushahin the beit ha'merchatz, is derived from the verse 14. See Rashi Baba Kamma 86b, s.v. beit ha 'merchatz Premium Mezuzah Parchment Scroll Sefardi 10cm. $59.99 $54.99 You Save: $5.00 (8%) add to cart. Quick View. Exquisite Mezuzah Parchment Scroll Ashkenazi 12cm Ari Script by Rabbi Dovid Chaim Spitzer. $145.99 $119.99 You Save: $26.00 (18%) add to cart. Quick View. Exquisite Mezuzah Parchment Scroll Ashkenazi 12cm Beis Yosef by Rabbi Dovid Chaim. Concerning a mezuzah scroll that fell to the ground from one's hand, one authority holds that one does not fast, [1] while another authority does. [2] Other authorities write that it is proper to give tzedaka in place of fasting. [3] If, however, the mezuzah fell to the ground while it was in its case, one need not even be stringent to fast; rather, it is proper to give some tzedaka, the.

§ 349-a. Observant consumer protection law. 1. No person selling or exposing for sale any mezuzah or tefillin which, to the seller's knowledge, does not satisfy orthodox Hebrew ritual requirements shall represent, by direct or implied oral or written statement, that such mezuzah or tefillin is kosher or meets orthodox Hebrew religious requirements Jewish Mezuzah A Mezuzah on an old wood door post. A mezuzah is a piece of parchment inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah and is usually contained in a decorative case. It is a symbol that fulfills a mitzvah for observant Jews. Mezuzah stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image

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Nov 27, 2016 - Explore MezuzahStore.com's board Learning about Mezuzahs, followed by 3260 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mezuzah, jewish mezuzah, judaism That is the place where we sanctify the mundane, elevating all of our everyday life activities to the holy and sublime by living according to the laws of the Al-mighty. The Jewish home, much more than the synagogue, is the pinnacle of a Jew's tikkun olam. We are reminded of that every time we walk into our doorways, by the mezuzah

360 Talis and Tefillin BagCalendar Biblical Year 5969 (2019/2020) / יְהֹוָה Yĕhovah

T ucson Mezuzah Week' is the first community-wide opportunity, offered by Congregation Chofetz Chayim and the Southwest Torah Institute, to have every Jewish home in Tucson protected by the mitzvah of placing mezuzot on every doorpost, says the congregation's Rabbi Israel Becker.. Often called the Jewish security system, the mezuzah is the parchment scroll with the Shema prayer. These include the laws of tzitzit, tefillin (phylacteries), mezuzot, the holiday of Hanukkah, and the laws of conversion to Judaism. Mishnah - Wikipedia In the synagogues, perhaps, it was associated with the mezuzah A sofer also can make new mezuzot parchments which are in accordance with Jewish Law. Mezuzah cases The commandment to affix a mezuzah is widely followed in the Jewish world, even by Jews who are not religiously observant. While the important part of the mezuzah is the klaf, or the parchment, and not the case itself, designing and producing.