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The Parcel Program is an outgrowth of the Statewide Property Mapping Project which included a three-year (2017-2019) funded effort to create or update digital GIS parcel data for all of Vermont's municipalities. The Project successfully completed that work in December 2019, resulting in a freely available GIS layer for all Vermont. Explore online maps covering a variety of topics, such as parcel data and lidar. Use the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer to create maps in your browser. Find map data from State Agencies and Regional Planning Commissions. Learn about the effort to map parcels for all Vermont municipalities and make them joinable with the grand list This page contains links to all available GIS parcel datasets, services, and related applications The VT GIS Parcel Data Standard seeks to: 1. Define technical requirements for municipalities to utilize when creating or updating GIS parcel data. Separate levels of this standard will allow municipalities to pick a level suitable for procurement, budget, and resource considerations and ensure that high quality and reliable parcel information. Please wait....loading Map Viewer . VT Center for Geographic Informatio

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Vermont GIS data and imagery can be found at the Vermont Open Geodata portal. The open geodata portal is a clearinghouse for freely available, Vermont-specific GIS data, services, and applications that are published and maintained by different agencies. Here are introductory videos about how to use the site to download data or connect to services ArcGIS Web Application - Vermont Geographic Information System (GIS) The link above will take you to the City of Barre's Tax parcel mapping website. Users can choose what layers they would like to see, such as the current zoning districts, floodplain delineation, the City's watersheds. Parcel data is updated often, but not every day

Parcel maps that are depicted on the map are for information only. They are not valid for legal description or conveyance. The parcel data may not be the most up-to-date information; please contact the Assessor's Office if you find any discrepancies. Assessment Appeal Information. GIS Map & Assessment Data. Grand List Partner with other Vermont state agencies, Federal agencies and other organizations to provide GIS data services and products to ANR staff, public, and other Agency stakeholders. Identify the range of GIS/GIT services needed by the Agency and manage the GIS program's human resources in such a manner to best meet that need The Vermont E911 Viewer is another excellent mapping tool. if you go to the layers tab on the bottom left (looks like a pile of paper) of the screen you have many helpful layers; parcels, flood, topography etc. The Vermont Natural Resources Atlas is an extremely helpful GIS tool. The Atlas also has the layers tab on the bottom left that opens. Buffer a Parcel To buffer a parcel, click on a parcel, enter a buffer distance, select desired units and click the 'Buffer' button Redlining Tools Select a shape then draw on map to add graphic Type in the text and click on map. Julie Moore Agency Secretary. 1 National Life Drive Davis 2 Montpelier, VT 05620-3901 (802) 828-129

Vermont is one of only a few states in the country where property records are maintained at the town level. Each individual town is responsible for these property records, which may include parcel, or tax maps. As such, parcel maps and data—their accuracy, format, and quality-- vary from town to town. Obtaining Digital Parcel Dat Sample GIS Base Map. Click on the above to view a sample GIS Map created from the aerial photos taken on December 3, 2001. These photos form the basis of the City's GIS Program Enter a Parcel ID, choose a search distance, and then click Go to find abutters to your parcel. Your Parcel ID will be filled in for you if you click the subject parcel with the Identify Tool or isolate your property with the Find Properties search tools. SimpliCITY by PeopleGIS. State Plane, NAD 83 Ft. Waitsfield GIS maps, or Geographic Information System Maps, are cartographic tools that display spatial and geographic information for land and property in Waitsfield, Vermont. There are a wide variety of GIS Maps produced by U.S. government offices and private companies

Ferrisburgh GIS maps, or Geographic Information System Maps, are cartographic tools that display spatial and geographic information for land and property in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. There are a wide variety of GIS Maps produced by U.S. government offices and private companies Vermont. Total Parcels: 23,255 parcels. Last Updated: 2020-Q4. Total Population: 47,687. Franklin County FIPS Code: 50011. Would you like to download Franklin County gis parcel maps? Request a quote Order Now! Parcel data and parcel GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers are often an essential piece of many different projects and processes Contact Us City Assessor City Hall, Room 17 149 Church Street Burlington, VT 05401. Phone: 802-865-7114 Fax: 802-865-7116. mailassessor@burlingtonvt.go

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GIS. The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission's GIS office has provided map & Geographic Information System ( GIS) services to CCRPC staff and the 19 towns in Chittenden County since 1989. We also work cooperatively with many state agencies and non-profit organizations in our region. Our work centers on projects in the fields of. GIS users will now have a new set of aerial photographs at their disposal. The Vermont Center for Geographic Information is in the process of making available a new set of orthophotos (a specific type of aerial photograph that can be used for mapping) of Windham and Bennington Counties that were taken in Spring 2015

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  1. GIS Property Maps is not affiliated with any government agency. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Information found on GIS Property Maps is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal or financial advice
  2. Town Parcel List - Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Ferrisburgh Parcel List. 2019 Parcel Listing by Name. 2019 Parcel Listing by Parcel/Tax Map Number. 2018 Parcel Listing by Name. 2018 Parcel Listing by Parcel/Tax Map Number. Ferrisburgh Parcel Listing by Name - 2016. Ferrisburgh Parcel Listing by Parcel # - 2016
  3. GIS Mapping. Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission serves as the regional GIS Service Center for Central Vermont, providing data services to its member towns. CVRPC has been using GIS technology since 1989. We serve 23 towns in Central Vermont and cooperate with many non-profit organizations that work in our Region

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GIS Maps. The Town of Weathersfield is dedicated to providing high level services to our residents, businesses and anyone who visits or does business with our Town. One of the ways we provide these services is through Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about properties from a geographic perspective Contact Info: Patricia McNallPhone: (802) 849-6111 ext. 19Fax: (802) 849-6276 Email: listers@fairfax-vt.gov   Office HoursMonday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 9:00am - 2:00pm   The Town of Fairfax now has an Online Mapping Tool that allows you to view Parcel information.   Please click here to view parcels and corresponding record information   ALL HARD COPIES OF THE. Enter a Parcel ID, choose a search distance, and then click Go to find abutters to your parcel. Your Parcel ID will be filled in for you if you click the subject parcel with the Identify Tool or isolate your property with the Find Properties search tools Online Groton Tax Maps . This Tax Map information is for planning and informational purposes only. It is updated periodically. Complete and up-to-date information as well as official documents may be obtained from the Assessor's Office, 1476 Scott Highway, Groton, VT 05046, 802-584-3155 or assistantassessor@grotonvt.com. Disclaime

Vermont ANR - Natural Resources Atlas HTML5 Viewer. Geocortex Viewer for HTML5. This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ® ArcGIS platform Search Town of Waterbury property records by owner name, address or parcel id including GIS map. Town of Waterbury Assessor and Delinquent Taxes Town of Waterbury Assessor 51 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05676 Phone: (802) 244-101

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2020 Tax Maps. Below are pdf's files of the paper tax maps. The All Tax Maps file contains all 25 maps, but is a large file size. Tax Map Cover A paper copy of the map along with landowner information can be viewed at the Halifax Town Office, 246 Branch Road, West Halifax, Vt. Paper copies of these maps can be purchased at the Halifax Town Office. GIS data of the parcel boundaries is available in shapefile format from VCGI or Windham Regional Commission GIS staff Bennington County Parcel Data Vermont. Total Parcels: 22,276 parcels. Last Updated: 2020-Q4 Total Population: 37,093. Bennington County FIPS Code: 50003. Would you like to download Bennington County gis parcel maps? Request a quote Order Now 108 Shed Road Berlin, VT 05602 (802) 223-4405 treasurer@berlinvt.or

Windham County, Vermont. Last Updated: 2020-Q4 Total Population: 1,286. Would you like to download Whitingham gis parcel map? Request a quote Order Now! Parcel maps and parcel GIS data layers are essential to your project, so get the data you need. With the help of our high quality parcel data, we are helping customers in real estate, renewable. Monkton Parcel Maps 2017; Monkton Parcel Maps 2016; Monkton Parcel Maps 2014; Monkton P arcel Maps 2013; Monkton Parcel Maps 2012; Monkton Parcel Maps 2011; The following maps can be opened using Google Earth. Any parcel or other boundaries are approximate and hardcopy maps in Town Hall and/or physical surveys should be done to locate exact.

Windsor County, VT. Windsor County is the largest county in Vermont, encompassing 971 square miles. It is the fourth most populous county in the state with a population of 55,286. Named for Windsor, England, the county was established in 1781. Windsor County is also known as the birthplace of the Mormon leader, Joseph Smith Property Lookup Search: Address Owner Acct# Mblu PID All Search Enter an Address, Owner Name, Mblu, Acct#, or PID to search for a propert Chittenden County, Vermont. Last Updated: 2020-Q1 Total Population: 17,605. Would you like to download South Burlington gis parcel map? Request a quote Order Now! Parcel maps and parcel GIS data layers are essential to your project, so get the data you need Mapping & Geographical Information System (GIS) Do you need a map of Shelburne, your neighborhood, or the street where you live? One such file depicts the approximate location of property boundaries of land in Shelburne. Other files containing data sometimes used by Town committees or staff for planning projects can also be made available. GIS Property Identification & Abutters. The public information on this web site is used to help identify properties in the Town of Cambridge. The maps displayed are NOT official tax maps and must not be used in any official capacity. The boundary lines displayed are approximations, and do not accurately identify the legal boundaries of any.

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Orleans County, Vermont. Last Updated: 2020-Q4 Total Population: 1,324. Would you like to download Irasburg gis parcel map? Request a quote Order Now! Parcel maps and parcel GIS data layers are essential to your project, so get the data you need. With the help of our high quality parcel data, we are helping customers in real estate, renewable. Addison County Parcel Data Vermont. Total Parcels: 18,683 parcels. Last Updated: 2020-Q4 Total Population: 36,835. Addison County FIPS Code: 50001. Would you like to download Addison County gis parcel maps? Request a quote Order Now Maps - GIS Home. Maps. Travel through time with our Before & After map showing Arlington County in 1900 combined with 2013 aerial photography. We've replaced the software for our interactive mapping site, ACMaps, with a new application. The new software runs in HTML5 and works on mobile and desktop devices Burlington, VT 05401 Request for Proposal: GIS Services - Parcel Fabric I. General information and Schedule Date of Issue: March 6, 2018 migrate the City's existing GIS parcel data maintained as a simple polygon feature class into the Parcel Fabric. All digital data produced under this project shall be delivered in the Parcel Fabri A wide array of interactive mapping applications focus on a variety of Fairfax County data and services. Dozens of map layers, aerial imagery, and other data are available to view and download from the data page. The FAQ page has detailed information on many topics, including parcel information, finding maps, and basic GIS explanations

Town of Stowe Parcel and Zoning Map The toolbar on the right side of the map allows you to add map layers, change base map background, search for parcels, measure, and print maps. Click here for help and contact information Explore Arlington's GIS. GIS Maps allow you to Zoom and Pan, as well as click on a feature to learn more. Other tools include measuring, printing, property lookup, and creating unofficial abutter's lists. Map Library includes custom maps made by the GIS Office for the purpose of downloading in PDF format and printing RE: Update of Poultney Bridge No. 4, located on Route 31 (Grove Street and South Street) The Poultney Selectboard is pleased to advise the public that this morning, June 30, 2021, Renaud Bros., Inc. completed repairs to the bridge. State of Vermont bridge technicians have inspected the repairs, and we are waiting for State of Vermont engineers. The Vermont GIS map provides parcel boundaries, acreage, and ownership information sourced from the Vermont county assessors. Our valuation model utilizes over 20 field-level and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual parcel of land

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Maps. Zoning District Boundaries Map. This map was created using 2018 Parcel Boundaries and 2015 Zoning District Boundaries. Click the link below for Williston Zoning Districts. Regulatory Constraints Interactive Map. This is an interactive map series depicting environmental constraints regulated under the Williston Unified Development Bylaw The Online Map Center (OMC) is intended to be the source for VTrans-specific maps at VTrans. From this page, you will be able to access two type of maps, the first are static maps If you have any questions you can email the Newport City Assessor at newportcity@tax.state.vt.us. Please browse as many parcels as you wish and check out the sales search to view recent sales. When selecting a specific Parcel ID # enter the first 6 digits in Map and any addition digits in Block, Parcel ID # 166025.003 would be entered as follows Town of Hartford 171 Bridge Street White River Junction, VT 05001 Phone: 802-295-9353 Fax: 802-295-6382 Hours: Mon - Fri., 8AM - 5PM Contact U Okeechobee County - Geographic Information System: Please Note: property boundaries or placement or location of any map features thereon. The Okeechobee County Community Development, its employees, agents and personnel MAKE NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTY FOR FITNESS OF A USE FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WITH.

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  1. MBL: 104-082 (Map 104 - Lot 082) Unique ID: Information Updates GIS Parcel Maps Updated June 2021 Property Info Data Updated Nightly Current Parcel Count 3,859 +/
  2. Historic Parcel Bound. Zoning Current FEMA Mapping . Planimetric Base Map Assessor Taxmap Layer ' 2006 NAIP Aerial Photo 2012 Color Aerial Photo 2016 Color Aerial Photo 2019 Color Aerial Photo. Full Town View. Reset Map. Search. Print Map. Help. Select. View Legend
  3. A webinar where the Vermont Agency of Transportation will share their efforts in using GIS to create a statewide property parcel map. About this event The State of Vermont, through a project originated at the Agency of Transportation, worked over a 3-year period to develop a statewide property parcel data layer
  4. From Vermont Property Transfer Tax public records published by the State of Vermont. Searchable Online Database Of Vermont Real Estate Sales & Appraisal Values. This Web site contains a searchable database of real estate sales in Vermont from 1986 to the present. The information comes from the Vermont Department of Taxes which publishes this.
  5. Welcome. Welcome to the City of Stamford online Assessor's database hosted by Vision Government Solutions Inc.. The City of Stamford has contracted Municipal Valuation Services LLC to perform the State mandated property revaluation effective for the October 1, 2017 Grand List year. The Grand List has since been updated for the October 1, 2020.

The Wetlands Inventory Map is a web-based mapping tool designed to help the public research wetland locations and features. Users may navigate to an area of interest, locate potential wetlands and other features, and create printer-friendly maps. The tool shows mapped wetland boundaries from the Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory (VSWI), as. ANY other visitor or staff member may wear a mask if they choose. Our regular hours are Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 8AM-4PM, Tuesday 8AM-6PM, Friday 8AM-1PM. You can continue to request assistance at 644-2251 or clerk@cambridgevt.org. Researchers no longer need an appointment for access to public records

Beacon and qPublic.net are interactive public access portals that allow users to view County and City information, public records and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) via an online portal. Beacon and qPublic.net combine both web-based GIS and web-based data reporting tools including CAMA, Assessment and Tax into a single, user friendly. Notices: NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS . Agreeably to the provisions of Title 32, Vermont State Statutes Annotated, Section 4111, notice is hereby given that the undersigned assessor within and for the City of Montpelier has this day completed the abstract of property owners as of the first day of April, 2021 The County's GIS is maintained and operated within the Department of Community Development. GIS maps are used for viewing and analysis by most other departments, including Commissioner of Revenue, Fire and Rescue, Planning, Public Works, Sheriff's Office, Voter Registrar, County Schools, and Emergency Services

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  1. Somerset Parcel Map. For the first time, the Town of Somerset has parcel data and a parcel map, showing the properties of all 35 landowners in town. The 2013 data were created by Windham Regional Commission from GPS field data, survey maps, and information gleaned from locals. The GIS data conform to Vermont's new Parcel Data Standard, and.
  2. This Vermont Enhanced 911 Viewer map and GIS data is for general reference only. Data layers that appear on the Enhanced 911 Viewer map may or may not be accurate, current, or otherwise reliable. The Enhanced 911 Board and the State of Vermont make no representations of any kind, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability or.
  3. Home Interactive Mapping Map Gallery GIS data Download Advanced Search: CITY OF BRISTOL CONNECTICUT GIS & Real Property Information 111 N. Main St. Bristol, CT 06010 Ph: (860) 584-612
  4. Online Access to Property Information . Grand List. View the latest Grand List, sorted by owner last name - it is in the form of a .pdf file. Tax Maps. Danby's tax maps which delineate property lines across the town are provided below. If you live in the village, open this index to find your map number, then proceed as below

Department of Assessment Board of Listers 205 South Street Bennington, VT 05201 Phone: 802-442-1042 | Fax: 802-442-1068. John M. Antognioni, Assesso PO Box 680 2460 VT Route 14 South Royalton, VT 05068 (802) 763-796 Robert Vickery Assessor Phone: 802-264-5671 Fax: 802-264-5503 Email Town Hall 781 Blakely Road Colchester, VT 05446 Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m

For questions email the VT Enhanced 911 Mapping and GIS Department or call (802) 828-4911. Contact Information. Enhanced 911 Board 100 State Street Montpelier, VT 05620-6501 Voice - (802) 828-4911 Fax - (802) 828-4109 Toll Free - 1-800-342-4911 (VT only) For Telecommunications Relay Service: Dial 711 Stowe Road Construction Updates Day 8 of construction on Stagecoach Road - demolition and pile foundation construction is complete. South Abutment is being formed.  On Monday July 12th the Town paving project on Weeks Hill Road will begin, with the Contractor doing road reclaiming work from Cape Cod Road to Alpine View Road. We will also be completing a culvert replacement and additional. The Town of Norwich, Vermont. 2020 Grand List of Property Assessment Data. Look up the Summary Data Card for any property by Street Address, Owner Name or Parcel Number. Print a Summary Data Record Card. For questions or assistance you can reach the Lister's office at the phone # below. PHONE. 802-649-1419 Ext #6. MAILING ADDRESS. P.O. BOX 37

Interactive GIS Viewer. This is an interactive viewer to search, view, and print property maps and many other GIS data layers. Use the Preset Maps pane on the right to view a pre-defined map theme. Use the interactive tools to zoom in/out, pan, measure, select by shape, find abutters, etc. It takes 30 to 60 seconds for the server to create a. Parcel maps that are depicted on the map are for informational use only. They are not valid for legal description or conveyance. They are not valid for legal description or conveyance. The Parcel Data may not be the most up to data information, please contact the Assessor's Office if you find any discrepancies with the data

The Town of Windsor, Vermont. Welcome. Attractions. Lodging & Dining. Shopping. Welcome. Windsor offers a rich history, numerous recreational opportunities, and a uniquely vibrant commercial base. Our community played a key role in both the birth of our state and the development of our nation. Innovation and invention continues today Discover, analyze and download data from California State Geoportal. Download in CSV, KML, Zip, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF or PNG. Find API links for GeoServices, WMS, and WFS. Analyze with charts and thematic maps. Take the next step and create StoryMaps and Web Maps

Digital cadastre does not represent legal property boundary descriptions, nor is it suitable for boundary determination of the individual parcels included in the cadastre and Arkansas Code 15-21-502 (6) which indicates that Digital cadastre means the storage and manipulation of computerized representations of parcel maps and linked databases Home Interactive Mapping Map Gallery Help Contact Internal GIS Trail Mapping (New) TOWN OF BERLIN CONNECTICUT Geographic & Property Information Network. 240 Kensington Road Berlin, CT 06037 ph 860-828-7105 eMail: General Information eMail: Technical Informatio Montpelier, VT 05620-6501 Voice - (802) 828-4911 Fax - (802) 828-4109 Toll Free - 1-800-342-4911 (VT only) For Telecommunications Relay Service: Dial 711. Email the Board. Click Here for Public Records Databas NETR Online • Bennington • Bennington Public Records, Search Bennington Records, Bennington Property Tax, Vermont Property Search, Vermont Assessor. From the Marvel Universe to DC Multiverse and Beyond, we cover the greatest heroes in Print, TV and Film. Products available in the Property Data Store. Transfer Detail Report

Find Property Data,Real Estate Appraisals, Assessments in Vermont. Lookup Property Database Information for counties and cities in Vermont. Information on GIS Mapping, Property Records and Assessment Data in VT. Locate Assesor office information for localities and Vermont. Public Records Search in Vermont AcreValue helps you locate parcels, property lines, and ownership information for land online, eliminating the need for plat books. The AcreValue Bennington County, VT plat map, sourced from the Bennington County, VT tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres Official GIS and other flood hazard map data may be available from a variety of sources. Not all FEMA FIRMs may be available as GIS data. River Corridor data: These maps are created by the VTANR and the data are available to the public by download from the VT ANR Natural Resource Atlas, or from the Vermont Center for Geographic Information. Find Windsor County Maps VT to get accurate Vermont Property and Parcel Map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers. Go with traditional Windsor County Plat Books or information heavy Windsor County VT GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery PO Box 409 61 Buck Hill Road 05262; Phone: (802) 442-4038 Fax: (802) 442-095

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  1. ed for assessment purposes according to the following, in order of precedence: 1. a Survey done by a Vermont Registered Land Surveyor, recorded and entered into.
  2. Parcel Viewer View the Arizona State Trust Land Parcel Viewer Printed Maps. Arizona State Land Department offers printed, paper maps which show the location of Arizona State Trust land as well as Federal Lands located in Arizona. Maps are produced from ASLD's GIS Database and are printed on a commercial grade printer
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